The One Where You Binge Watch Friends

As finals week ended today and with winter break starting, there is one thing on everybody’s mind, to relax and have fun. One of the best ways I think to have fun is to binge watch episodes of Friends with your BFFS and squad - before it leaves Netflix on the first day of the new decade. That’s right, the beloved TV series is being taken off Netflix and transferred to the new warner brothers streaming service coming later in the year. So before Friends is gone, here are the best episodes to binge watch this holiday season.

1. The One With the Thumb- This is the episode where Phoebe keeps trying to give back to society because the bank gave her extra money on accident. Now because its Phoebe, she will not take the money only to end up with more money. I think this is a funny one to see during the holidays as it reminds us to be as generous as Phoebe is to others during the holiday season.

2. The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant- This is a classic episode which we can all relate to as a squad. Each person is different in our group personality wise and financial wise. Someone might be richer than the other, and clashes can come while choosing a group activity. Friends under goes through this in a classic funny way in which everyone can relate to and have a good laugh. Because in the end, no matter the differences, your squad will always be there for you.

3. The One  with the Baby on the Bus- The famous duo chandler and joey strikes again as they lose ben on the bus while trying to impress a couple of girls. As always, the duo manages to make everyone laugh trying to get ben back and is for sure to tickle your bones.


(Photo from TV Fanatic)

4. The One With Phoebe’s Dad- This is a christmas episode that will remind all of us to be grateful for our close loved ones as Phoebe tries to reconnect with her father for the holidays. In addition, we can see Chandler and Joey struggling to find presents for their friends which we have been there and done that.

5. The One After the Superbowl Parts 1 & 2- This is an extremely funny episode as we find Joey dating his stalker. There is an extremely funny scene in this episode where everyone throws water at Joey’s face in a soap opera style that is sure to give you laughs. Furthermore, we see Monica and RAchel fighting over a guy in a comic style which reminds us how we have done that among our gal pals before. No matter what ladies, our best friends always comes before boys. 

6. The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy- This is another golden one because one of our all time favorites, Janice, makes an appearance in this episode as she and Chandler are dating. Joey is pissed at this and it is funny to see how positively Janice takes Joey’s annoyance and makes an effort to make sure he likes her for Chandler. It shows what you have to do for your best friends. I know I had to pretend to like my friends boyfriend because she was completely obsessed with him, but they broke up later and she's with a better guy now. It all works out in the end. This episode s for sure to give you laughs.


(Photo from Friends Wikia)

7. The One with the Football- This is for sure a must watch as its girls vs boys, mostly Ross vs Monica,in this thanksgiving episode. It is a fun filled episode where we see the heights of sibling rivalry as well as seeing two best friends fight it out for a foreign girl. 

8. The One Where Rachel Quits- The holiday season is always a perfect time to quit a job - not really but that's what Rachel does. In this sweet christmas episode you can see Phoebe fight for the Christmas trees that are being cut and how her friends surprise her with all the old christmas trees. The sweet gesture is what we need during the holidays to remind us that if you have good friends, that is the greatest gift you can have for the holidays.

9. The One with the Girl From Poughkeepsie- In this episode we can relate to Monica as she struggles to fit into her new job as her employees hate her. In this episode we can also hear one of  Phoebe’s christmas songs, which is always catchy to sit and sing along to.


(Photo from The Odyssey)


10.  The One with the Embryos- This is another must watch episodes as it is really funny watching girls vs boys for the famous purple apartment. Both the boys and girls compete against each other in who knows the other the most. 

11. The One with the Routine- Watch this episode to catch one of the classic Geller dance moves. Monia and Ross is the ultimate brother sister duo as they both try to get on to TV using the Geller routine. The dance is totally doable and you can do their dance along with your besties in the living room. Record, post it on Tik Tok, and become viral.

12. The Last One: Part 1 & Part 2- Last but not least, after watching all the above episodes, then if you have time binge watching the rest of them, the very last two episodes of friends is going to bring tears to your eyes as you say goodbye to Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey. I suggest watching this on December 31st as Friends leaves on January 1st. Say goodbye to the best tv shows ever as everyone says goodbye. This last episode will surely make you reflect on your future as you think about how you and your friends will eventually come across the same place where everyone goes in different directions, but knowing you will still be friends no matter the distance or time. 


Happy Holidays!