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Oh How Eye Wish For Perfect Vision

Hello HC Cuties! Although the rain this past week has been a welcome change to the dry, cold days we’ve had these past winter months, it only helps to solidify my hatred for wearing glasses. It is freaking 2015, you would think that by now someone would have invented windshield wipers to wipe the rain droplets off your lenses right? This year will mark the five year anniversary of when I learned that my vision was not as perfect as I had thought. It’s been a rough road, having to transition from only needing glasses in class to needing them all the time. I’ve tried both contact lenses and glasses, and I can honestly say that although contact lenses take a lot of upkeep, they are definitely worth it because glasses suck. And here’s why:


Probably the thing that worries me most about wearing glasses is that one day I’ll forget to put them on (which seems highly unlikely since I can’t see anything without them, but hey it’s a real fear) or that I’ll take them off and forget where I put them.


Not all of them, but those people that always ask (in a snooty voice) “Can I try on your glasses?” You begrudgingly hand them over and await the typical response: “OMG you’re so blind! How can you even see without your glasses?” Keep your comments to yourself, people.


Be careful not to even lay a finger on them, or a small smudge will turn into the smudge of doom. I’m not even kidding, ask anyone with glasses.


Although glare can be fixed with specially ordered lenses, it’s very expensive. It’s also super annoying when you’re driving and (calling out my short people) the visor doesn’t block out the sun, so you have to scrunch your eyes and hope you don’t crash into anybody.


This includes, but is not limited to: 3D glasses, sunglasses, and lab goggles. The sunglasses part can be fixed by getting transition lenses or even prescription sunglasses, but let’s face it: those are expensive and ain’t no college student got money for that. As a science major, I can say that I’ve been personally victimized by the lab safety goggles. They’ve saved my face plenty of times from imminent danger, but having to wear them over my regular glasses is such a pain! Plus, you have to turn your head around like an owl since you have basically no peripheral vision.


On those days when you actually want to look nice and you spend hours looking up Youtube tutorials and perfecting your smokey eye. Your winged eyeliner is on fleek and you feel amazing and ready to party, but as soon as you put on your glasses you realize that you can’t even see any of your hard work behind those thick lenses.


This part I am still so confused on. Do you keep them on and let them get all gross and smudgy? Awkwardly take them off when you feel the moment coming? Hope that they don’t get crushed in the process? Somebody please enlighten me.

*Harry’s glasses are totally poking the poor girl in the eye. See what I mean?


I’m pretty sure it would be extremely hard to swim with your glasses on so the only option left is to take them off. If you’re as blind as I am, that means you will not be able to see anything besides blurs and people blobs. Fun, right?


Yes, I know that we live in SoCal and it only rains like a week out of the whole year, but that one week is hell for my glasses people. Umbrellas are useful in these cases, but on that dreaded day when you forget it in the backseat of your car I wish you the best of luck. It becomes a choice of either taking off your glasses and walking practically blind through campus or keeping them on and dealing with the droplets that rapidly accumulate and block your vision.


It’s a disappointment for sure. But hey, glasses people have to stick together right?


See you around, HC Cuties!

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Darcie Chapman

UC Riverside

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