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New Girl Expo – Winter ’13 Recap

Last month on December 14th my internship concluded in a culmination known as New Girl Expo – Winter ‘13. I worked closely with founder Ashley Leon (a recent UCR graduate!) and her business partner Joann Fidelson organizing their third biannual beauty and fashion expo. Happening every summer and winter, this event comes around during the two biggest seasonal changes to help you add some diversity to your style as well and to help you welcome the new weather. Vendors range from makeup brush booths, homemade lotions and soaps, travel-size beauty goods, mobile boutique clothing, fandom goods, and so much more. The event even brought in ABC 7 news!


                One of our biggest vendors on display was Klix Brushes and their beauty team. Makeup artists were on site doing live tutorials for how to use their products and get the most out of your cosmetics and brushes. They sold their three-piece eco-friendly brushes with disposable heads at a specially discounted price for those in attendance at New Girl Expo. To read more about Klix Brushes please click here!




Another fun vendor was M.A.L.A. by Patty Rodriguez – Mischief. Amor. Los Angeles. You may have heard Patty’s voice coming to you from your radio in the morning for Ryan’s Roses on KIIS FM. She is now a senior producer for “On Air With Ryan” and when she’s not busy with her career in radio she is filling her time making moves with her M.A.L.A. jewelry line. She makes custom necklaces that help the wearer proudly display their hometown pride. Across Hollywood you can see people wearing M.A.L.A. products, including:

Gina Rodriguez – (The Bold and the Beautiful)

Fergie – Asking to meet Patty Rodriguez after receiving her “Cali Girl” necklace

Vanessa Bryant – Wife of LA Lakers’ Kobe Bryant



Rihanna – Spotted wearing pieces “Bridgetown”- her hometown, “246”


        The event was not all vendors! For the first time ever there was a YouTube beauty blogger/vlogger panel filled with a variety of fashion & makeup gurus who had a Q&A with the audience. The panel included Joann Doan – Love Fashion, Live Life, Melanee Shale, Elizabeth Keene – A Keene Sense of Style, Kier Mellour – Fashion Addict, Laura Lily, Dawn McCoy – Beauty Frosting, Kasheera Latash – KashTV, and host, Roxy Limon!



One of our beauty panelists even had her own booth set up, selling her handpainted jewelry Wild Heart Bliss.



The event even came complete with a fashion show displaying gorgeous pieces from the boutiques in attendance that day at New Girl Expo.


       As if this all wasn’t enough, there was even a tasting lounge where attendees could indulge in Joia All Natural Sodas, Neuro Sonic energy beverages, Sparkling Ice, LA Coffee Club, Alma Tequila and more. Giveaways were in full effect all afternoon, and one lucky person won a $300 gift basket by Sephora just by Instagraming her day at New Girl Expo!

   Be sure to follow New Girl Expo on Twitter, follow on Instagram, like on Facebook, follow on Tumblr, and read our blog to stay up to date on our future events – sign up for our newsletter here! We hope to see you join us at the Summer ’14 New Girl Expo later this year! Stay stunning.

Some of the goodie bag treats!

Photobooth Fun LA!

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