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With uncertainties following each footstep forward I took in life, the only ease and control I felt in my life came when I received my first smartphone in the seventh grade. Through using Youtube as an initial music platform, I searched and simultaneously seized control of my music and what words would influence me. Fast forward, I am now a sophomore in college and I have graduated to another platform of music, Spotify. The one thing and artist that has stuck with me (also a song of theirs) seem to be The Neighbourhood.

In this article, I will be sharing my favorites from their latest album, Chip Chrome and The Mono-Tones.   

Taking third place would have to be Tobacco Sunburst.

The song initially is a bit more gloomy but there is a sense of ease that comes with Jesse Rutherford constantly stating “I don’t wanna waste anymore time.” It kind of gave me a wake-up call. Quarantine has had me in a never-ending cycle of waking up, drinking coffee, taking medication, and doing work and continuing-  with the quarter coming to an end, it’s time I take control of my life and change things. I have been feeling like I too have been losing myself which Jesse too addresses, “never knew I’d lose myself.” The undertones of the song are quite harmonious as well and overall just a pleasant tune when you are not feeling the best but are working towards changing that and are now “looking at the bright side” of things. 

Second place would have to be Pretty Boy

The lyrics are just beautiful in this song. I yearn to have someone one day feel the words Jesse states in this song. “Even if my heart stops beating, you're the only thing I need...with me, even if the Earth starts shaking the only thing worth taking… even if the sky's on fire got you here, it's alright, ooh, with me…” To experience the love that is stated in this song is something that many do not experience in this lifetime. I genuinely believe if someone ever dedicates this song to me, I would physically melt. The concept of someone being content in life with just the sole existence of me is an absurd idea. I definitely felt love emerging and blanketing this song and I hope you too experience the raw emotions it evoked in me. 

First place goes to Middle of Somewhere.

The original lyrics of the song, according to the artist is due to their massive success in the earlier 2000s with their song, Sweater Weather, where since they have not received the same level of success and have now been afraid to venture into different types of genres and evolve as a band. For me personally, the lyrics that resonated the most with me were, “grew up pretty fast, good things never last. You gotta live before you learn. Now I'm somewhere far away from where I started. With no point of return, but I'm turning…” This cycle I mentioned in the entry above entails the feeling of fear of failure but rather than in music, like Jesse, for me, it is in academia. Feeling lost is a feeling all too familiar for many college students, and I am no exception. However, it is nice listening to this to remind myself even the biggest artist who I find to be successful and have looked up to since middle school, also carries the same worry and feeling of unbalance in life. 

Now, this is not to cause insufferable moments and dwell on the phrase “misery loves company,” but these songs are considered to be a bit more on the gloomy end. I like personable songs. I like listening to things I can relate to more than other things. It reminds me of how small the world really is and in the end, we all do experience the same feelings, just in different ways. Alright, my mini disclaimer is now over, and go listen to the songs and comment on your personal favorites! 

Angela Saha

UC Riverside '23

Hope you enjoyed the piece, feel free to message me with your thoughts on it!
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