My Top 5 Favorite Books That Focus on Friendship

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this time of year always makes me reflect on the different relationships within my life. Although society tends to reinforce the idea that romance is the top Valentine’s Day priority, I would have to wholly disagree. I think that any holiday that celebrates love should celebrate every type of love, regardless of if it’s romantic or platonic. All relationships are important and all types of love are special. I think that they should be celebrated not just on Valentine’s Day, but throughout the entirety of the year, too.

With this being said, I absolutely love any narrative that focuses primarily on friendships. Obviously I’m a sucker for a lot of romance novels, but books that put a spotlight onto friendship hold a special place in my heart. Interpersonal connections with others are something that I cherish, so that’s why every book that captures the exquisite essence of friendship is pure gold in my eyes. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite books that celebrate friendship. These books convey that friendships are a huge part of life that should be viewed as being so incredibly vital and honored.

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    Loveless is one of my favorite books of all time. The main character, Georgia, journeys through the discovery of who she is and the asexual/aromantic representation within her character is amazing. Along the way, Georgia finds that her friends are some of the most crucial people in her life. This book is extremely focused on friendships and I love the conversations that are had about how friendships are just as important as any other relationship a person can have.

  2. One of the best friendship groups that I’ve read about can be found in The Raven Cycle series. This series is a contemporary fantasy about ghosts, psychics, and the search for a Welsh king (it’s complicated, but extremely captivating). Blue, Gansey, Ronan, Noah, and Adam are a group of friends that captured my heart the moment I met them. I honestly regret reading through this series so quickly because now I simply miss all of these characters so incredibly much.

  3. The Dregs are another friendship group that I miss dearly. Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are a duology about a group of teenage gang members in a fantastical world. The characters in these books are so easy to fall in love with and the development of these friendships is one of the central themes within the story. (These stories are also being adapted into an upcoming Netflix series, so I highly recommend reading them soon!)

  4. This is technically the second book in The Bone Season series, but the way that the author depicts friendship is so good that I had to include this book in my list. This is a fantasy novel set in the future and it obviously focuses on so many other concepts aside from just friendship. Nevertheless, I think that the bonds that are forged between the characters in this book are real, admirable, and beautiful, and I appreciate that they weren’t lost within the rest of the fantastical plot.

  5. hand holding book open

    The Perks of Being A Wallflower is one of those books that just never gets old. This book touches on a lot of topics that are hard-hitting (I highly recommend searching through trigger warnings before reading it). One of the main elements in this story is friendship. The author discusses the essential nature of friendship and how it can help get you through hard times. This nostalgic novel is truly one of my favorite depictions of friends and their value.

These books illustrate the many ups and downs of friendships and all of the joys that can come with them. Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to pick up one of these novels and relish in the idea that all relationships should be treasured and revered to the fullest extent, even if those relationships aren’t necessarily romantic.