Spring weather is definitely around the corner, (I can feel it in this Riverside heat!) and it’s time to break out those pastels and florals you’ve stowed away all winter. The transition from winter to spring is my FAVORITE time of the year. Seriously. It’s the perfect weather: not too hot to wear a light cardigan and not too cold to wear shorts or a skirt. One of my favorite pieces this season is OVERALLS! Yeah, it may seem like a strange trend to make a comeback and you might be thinking, “Pfft. Overalls? Who am I? Fresh Prince?”

No, but really, overalls are very versatile. The best part is there are overall skirts, shorts, and pants—you can literally get dressy with them or laid-back and casual. Another perk (as if I haven’t convinced you to buy a pair already): POCKETS! Tons of pockets. I appreciate them because there are sooo many jeans and bottoms for women that have fake pockets sewn on to them. Overalls are great if you don’t feel like carrying around a purse everywhere, like to a music festival or big event. Below are some of the ways I like to style my pair of overalls:

Stripes, stripes, stripes. You can wear a black/white striped shirt for a relaxing day out or with a red/white shirt for a subtle Americana look (or for 4th of July)!

Top: Black/white stripes // Red/white stripe boat neck (Forever 21)Shoes: Black combat boots (Forever 21) // Tan oxfords (Thrifted)

Personally I like wearing crop tops with my overalls. It’s cute…and it makes me look like I have hips. :)

Top: Acid wash crop (Forever 21) // Turtle neck crop (Forever 21) // Button up polka dot top (Urban Outfitters) // Gray long sleeve crop (Forever 21)

Shoes: Tribal patterned flats (Target) // Black combat boots // Doc Marten loafers (eBay)

You can use bright colors or loud patterns to give it more “oomph.”

Top: Silk floral crop (Thrifted) // Velvet floral top (Urban Outfitters)Shoes: Tan oxfords // Brown booties (Thrifted)

Or you can be simple and just wear black or white. Black, white and denim—they match anything!

Top: White v-neck (Target) // Black texture top (Thrifted)Shoes: Navy blue sneakers (Target) // Black combat boots

Quick tip: accessorize your overalls with pins, tie a flannel around your waist, or add some knee high socks for a completed look!

Now, please. Buy a pair of overalls. :) You won’t regret it!