My Life as a College Grandma

Hello HC Cuties! My name is Dariana Chow, and I am a college grandma. Let me enlighten you on the rare breed that is us and how we differ from what society calls “normal teenagers.” 


1) Even though we might sound like a parent’s dream, sometimes they actually have to push us to go out of the house and interact with people.

2) For us, the day ends around 11:00 pm because by that time we’re so tired that we can barely even keep conversations going.

3) While many of our college-aged friends like to go out and party all night long, we like to stay at home and watch Netflix (this generation’s Home Shopping Network) for hours on end.    

4) Our friends usually have to keep us up to date on the new fads. Rainbow colored hair and flower crowns are still a big mystery to us.    

5) We hate technology and have a strange fear that Ray Bradbury was right about the future of our civilization.

6) We look forward to reading the school newspaper every Tuesday (shout out to the Highlander for their great work) and get our news from there instead of Snapchat.

7) When we meet new people, we describe them using terms like “what a fine young man” and “what a delightful girl” even though we are usually around the same age.

8) In the very rare occasions that we do need to curse, we say weird things like “gee whilickers” and “dang nabbit.”

9) We can tolerate loud music only up to a certain point. “Geez Billy, do you wanna be deaf by the time you’re my age?!

10) It is normal for us to carry around candy or other snack-type foods and distribute them to our friends when they’re hungry.

11) We carry around really big purses filled with every possible thing you can think of. Need a toothbrush? I'm your girl. How about a koala? Let me check. Oh, here it is. 

12) We yell at rambunctious kids that play on our yards or skate on our driveways. And the occasional dog that decides it’s a nice place to leave a warm gift.

13) And finally, even though we act way older than we actually are, we are still kids at heart.


Don’t hate on the grandma/grandpa life, HC Cuties!