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White Christmas

This 1954 released movie stars some of Hollywood’s favorite movie stars and one of them is even related to George Clooney. I was introduced to this movie in my 7th grade English class and I absolutely fell in love with the movie. It provides a very cozy feeling seeing all the snow, friendship, and family all helping each other out. This movie talks about the loss of business which many business owners can relate to and how everyone in the community comes together to help out the family who lost the business. Hopefully by seeing this it will send a message to our society to truly come together and help small business owners and others who lost their jobs and are struggling to pay their bills to help out. Not to mention, the songs are very good, especially when you have Bing Crosby singing his classic Christmas song.

It’s a Wonderful Life

This is a classic Christmas movie that is a must watch, considering the year we had. 2020 has been hard on everyone this year, especially our mental health. This movie, in a way, covers our mental health and how to not give up when times get hard. It talks about being kind and helping everyone out, which is what we all need this year. Hopefully by watching this movie, it will remind everyone to go easy on themselves and others surrounding them because no one really knows what each person is going through.

A Christmas Carol

There are many different versions of the Christmas Carol. My personal favorite since I was a little girl was watching the Barbie version because I loved all of their songs. Christmas Carol is the perfect movie in 2020 to remind everyone not to be a Scrooge and to be generous, especially considering the amount of pain, exhaustion and hardship everybody has gone through. 

Home Alone 1 and 2

Home Alone is the perfect comedy for stress relief and one to watch with the family. I watched it with my parents recently and it was nice because we were all laughing at Kevin’s antics and took our minds off work and final exam stress.

There are always more classic Christmas movies to watch, but these ones are my absolute favorites to watch every Christmas. I think everyone needs to watch these in 2020 because of all the wonderful messages it sends its viewers.

Rithika Nair

UC Riverside '21

Hi, I am a 21 year old college student attending UCR who loves movies, books and adventures! :P
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