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Moroccan Beauty Jaclyn Bissani

Jaclyn (left)


She's all ready for graduation and looking so good doing it! Fourth year biology major Jaclyn Bissani is probably one of the most hardworking, dedicated, and driven students on the UCR campus. She finds time to stay active by never failing to miss a gym session and keep up her amazing grades every quarter, all while carving out as much time as she can for her friends who try and keep her sane through it all. Being far from her home in San Jose, Jaclyn finds comfort in building meaningful relationships with those around here, whether it be with just a smile to whomever she passes on the street or by dedicating time to each individual friendship she begins. Jaclyn is a kindhearted, sweet young woman with a heart of gold and an adorable face to match her stunning personality! You'd be pressed to find a more loyal friend than Jaclyn. Get to know her below!


Her Campus: 1 interesting fun fact about you.Jaclyn Bissani: I am a total nerd for biology and hope to do my own research on physical therapy, or that I am Moroccan (which I usually use for my token "interesting fact"). 

HC: What's your philosophy on love?|JB: I don't believe that there is only one "true love" for everyone somewhere out there, so as overwhelmingly perfect love can seem, relationships require a lot more than just that idyllic relationship notion.  

Jaclyn (bottom left) with sorority sisters at the happiest place on earth (and one of her favorite places besides the beach)!

HC: People always say a sense of humor is important in a significant other, but in your opinion what's another great quality that people seem to overlook or forget about?JB: I do think a sense of humor is important in a significant other, since it seems like I spend 70% of my time laughing. Laughs. But I think a greatly overlooked quality is the ability to share comfortable silence...like being able to hang out, read a book, or just enjoy time with your significant other without feeling the need to fill that silence by getting nervous and talking about stuff that doesn't really matter.

HC: What's a deal breaker for you when deciding whether or not you want to be with someone?JB: When the guy is super self absorbed and spends way too much time checking social media.

Jaclyn and brother Michael


HC: What are the top three things you want obtain/achieve in life?JB:1) Overall happiness.     2) Some sort of contributing research towards Physical Therapy/ Sports medicine.     3) Travel the world (cliche, I know...but true nonetheless)


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