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Midweek Study Break: 8 Boys to Let Out of the Friend Zone

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.
Nice guys do not finish last. Nice guys finish with everyone else and instead of complaining about their position are happy they crossed the finish line at all. “Nice guys” lose the right to call themselves nice by default of crying about not being recognized for their supposed ‘niceness.’ (Have I won the world record for repeating myself yet?) This article isn’t about nice guys though, at least not completely. I’m here to root for the men we’ve pushed into the friend zone, who’ve happily stayed there without complaint, hoping one day we’ll notice that it was them we should have been with all along. Boys have feelings too, and believe it or not, no one enjoys waiting on the sidelines while the person they daydream about posts annoying Facebook updates about how happy there are with someone else. 
Is anyone else angry this never happened? Bring her back!! 
Daryl and Carol (The Walking Dead)


In all honestly, I have zero standards when it comes to dating and will seriously give anyone a chance. As long as I okay the place we go eat we’re good to go, otherwise it’s a maybe. (You can never go wrong with pizza though!) Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t think I was the kind of girl who friend zoned people, boy was I wrong though. (Sort of.) Maybe I more of looked past him rather than friend zoned him, because 2008 Rubi would have definitely dated him if he would have gathered the courage to ask me. But this article isn’t about me and my tragic love life, this week’s installment of Midweek Study Break is dedicated to the 8 boys we need to let out of the friend zone and just give a chance! One date won’t kill you, and if he’s nice enough to be friends with, isn’t he nice enough to have a conversation with over a greasy slice of pizza? 

The greatest love story of all time. Infinitely better than Twilight…
Benson and Stabler (Law and Order Special Victims Unit)
1. The Boy Who Knows All Your Favorites
If any guys uses precious brain space (that could otherwise be used to store Fantasy Football information) remembering useless information about you, he’s most definitely friend zoned. Best friends are the people who can recall our favorite songs, movies, food and the way we get excited when we talk. Any guy you consider no more than a friend has no business knowing all these random facts. Let this guy out You’ve already gotten past the hardest part, getting to know each other well enough to come to the conclusion you’re not mortal enemies. Give him a chance, and just maybe try learning a few facts about him too. 
Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World)
2. The Boy You’ve Known Your Entire Life
While I don’t literally mean your entire life (sorry childhood neighbor who I literally want nothing to do with), I mean the boy you’ve know since you were learning long division. The guy you went through those awkward puberty years with and he still sticks around. There’s just something so cute about dating a boy you used to think had cooties. Any guy that has been around you for that long deserves a shot, bonus points if he doesn’t reference those years when your boobs were coming and hair was still trying to figure itself out. 
Jamie and Maggie (Love and Other Drugs)
3. The Boy Who Goes Out of His Way For You
Chivalry is not dead, you’re just not dating the right people. I’m not saying instantly change your Facebook relationship status the next time a boy holds the door outside lecture hall, but if he holds the door, saves you a seat and drives you home after class, what are you waiting for?! People don’t just go around being nice to everyone, it’s inconvenient and aint nobody got time for that. (I personally have a soft spot for any guy that takes the time to read my articles. Ya’ll are seriously the best.) These men are the true nice guys, and not the kind that cry about finishing last. (Gag.) What’s one date, it’s not like you have plans anyways. 
Jim and Pam (The Office)
4. The Boy Who Makes You Laugh
I don’t mean a giggle here and there or the kind of guy that thinks jokes about women’s right are funny.You know the type, the guy who genuinely makes you laugh during a normal conversation about basically anything. It doesnt matter the topic, the conversation always turns into witty banter regardless if youre talking about Kanye West’s horrible new music video or chicken nuggets. 
Anna and William (Notting Hill)
5. The Boy Who’s Too Shy To Make a Move
I have a special place in my heart for shy people. How hard life must be to be scared of socially interacting with others, because people are literally everywhere! As a self proclaimed loud mouth, I’m not sure how I seem to attract the quiet awkward guys. Maybe someone spread a rumor about me in the 6th grade that my extrovertedness was contagious. Shy boys have no chance of not getting pushed into the friend zone, how are they supposed to compete with the obnoxious men literally shouting for your attention on the streets. Make the first move, you’ll be surprised just how amazing a shy guy can be once he’s done over thinking about how to approach you first. 
Joey and Pacey (Dawson’s Creek)
6. The Boy Who Dated Someone You Kind of Sort of Know
I get it, sisters before misters. Listen, I’m not trying to cause waves, but doesn’t your claim on a person come with an expiration date? If your friend’s good friend dated someone you’re interested in just go for it, it’s not like her feelings are relevant to your life. Don’t not date someone because someone you don’t even know dated them, because in that case we would have only one option, our first boyfriend! And we can all imagine how horrible that would turn out. 
Hannah and Jacob (Crazy Stupid Love)
7. The Boy Who Finds You Genuinely Interesting
In the age of Facebook, Skype, unlimited texting plans and about a thousand other ways to communicate, it seems like we cant stop sharing with one another! The difference between telling your friends about your dinner plans and telling someone about your childhood pet (or whatever else) is that one person hears it because they have to and the other listen because they want to. Any guy who will have a marathon talk session with you into the late hours of the night, especially if it’s on a regular basis, is worth giving a chance. When a guy can get to know you by digging through your photo albums and scrolling though your Tumblr, it’s just kind of nice to have someone actually ask you about yourself. At least in my opinion. 
Ross and Rachel (Friends)
8. The Boy Who Crosses Your Mind for No Real Reason
Every one from time to time has that one person that crosses their mind for no real reason at all. It could be a friend or a complete stranger, hopefully it’s a friend for the sake of my argument. Maybe this person is not technically friend zoned in your opinion, but that doesn’t mean they’re not crazy about you! Just like the shy guy who is a closed book waiting to be opened, the guy who you cant seem to stop thinking about is worth taking the first step for. 
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