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person taking photo of pants and shoes

Midweek Study Break: 12 Things You’re Doing Wrong On Social Media

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

Everybody knows that is me. Nobody cares enough to need reminding. 

1. Tagging yourself in your own photos

There is no bigger cry for attention than tagging yourself in your own photos. The only thing worse is tagging yourself weeks after the photo was posted, letting everyone know you wanted them to have to look at the photo again. We know who you are and we know what you’re up to!

2. Names on social media

There are two types of name offenders on social media. The first includes people on Facebook with ridiculous names, the kind of names that make you seriously consider blocking them.

The second type of offender is constantly changing their username on Twitter and Facebook.

I assure you nobody cares about you enough to constantly need a new username, plus it makes it difficult to tag you when nobody knows what your name for the week is.

3. Constantly deactivating your Facebook account

I don’t have a Twitter account so I’m not sure if this happens there, but we all know that one person who always publicly announces their departure from Facebook. The funny part is, you basically never notice they were missing until they point it out.

Don’t be the person that says you need a break from Facebook and then ask people to message you for your number, if they don’t have your number by now there’s probably a reason. (The reason is they don’t want to talk to you anyways.)

4. Hashtags are the reasons we can’t have nice things

Almost everyone hates hashtags to a certain extent. I love how easily they help me find cute photos of cats, but some people either don’t know how to use them correctly or abuse them far too often. The idea for this article came from scrolling through Instagram and seeing so many of my friends misusing hashtags.I don’t understand why people can’t figure out how to use them!

You cannot use punctuation marks in hashtags.

You have to space the hashtags, unless you want a giant blob of letters that link to nowhere.


#do #do #this #is #the #correct #form (even though hashtagging every individual word is equally as annoying painful to look at)

The most common type of hashtag offender is the person who hashtags everything, even things that aren’t in the photos! Limit your hashtags to 7, and if you hashtag something that is completely irrelevant, shame on you.

5. Linking Instagram to Facebook.

Speaking of hashtags on Instagram, this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning people who allow their Instagram likes to post to Facebook. Facebook has a new feature that bundles the likes to avoid spamming your news feed, but unless you want all your friends knowing your obsession with raccoons, maybe disable the share to Facebook feature?

6. Phantom Conversations

Number six is definity inspired by my life’s daily struggle. I have friends who constantly message me to start a conversation, we’ll exchange maybe 6 messages back and forth, then in the middle of everything they just disappear! They’ll either get distracted, log off, or fall into a black hole.

A few hours (sometimes minutes) later they’re chat bubble will reappear but they don’t so much as address the fact that I’m still waiting for their response. Fast forward a few days and they either continue the conversation like no time ever passed or start a whole new one. Does this only happen to me, do I just have jerks for friends or am I just completely boring to talk to?

Sidenote: I can’t decide what’s worse, friends who never bother to open your last message or people who read it but don’t bother to reply. Both should be sentenced to a minimum of six month jail time without parole. (Too harsh?)

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Rubi Mancilla is a fourth year studying Psychology and Women's Studies at UC Riverside. She decided to double major because at the time it seemed like she was getting two degrees for the price of one, the ultimate sale! She writes about relationships, how to spend a Friday night at home, being a confused twenty-something and never having enough money in her bank account. Her column 'Midweek Study Break' is published every Wednesday but you can read more of her work in her new project, When Life Gives You Rubi. Until Disney decides to make a movie about how hard it is to be a recent (single) college graduate, we can try to figure out this whole being a grown up thing together.   
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