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We had Pure Heroine in 2013 and then got our hearts broken, yet danced so much to Melodrama in 2017. After all these years, a lot of us have wondered, where did Lorde go?

To this day, my friends and I scream the lyrics out to “Ribs” because it reminds us of such good times. Lorde was a big influence on my teenage years, especially with the subjects she sang about on Melodrama. That album has easily become one of my favorite albums to date because it healed me from hurt that I’ve endured and made me feel so reassured and understood. 

It was announced that Lorde would be part of the Primavera lineup, which caused fans to speculate if she has plans on returning to putting out new music. It was hinted on her website that she was set to release some new stuff with this picture here. This photo alone expressed how Lorde is making her comeback and I literally screamed. 

Now in 2021, one of my favorite lyricists and musical icons has released a new single called “Solar Power.” One thing about Lorde is that she always delivers!

Even the music video shows how Lorde is introducing her new era and is glowing with so much happiness and beauty! 

My favorite lines that stood out to me were:

“My cheeks in high colour, overripe peaches. 

No shirt, no shoes, only my features.

My boy behind me, he’s taking pictures,” and 

“acid green, aquamarine, 

The girls are dancing in the sand.” 

This song exudes summer and the excitement it brings to everyone. It almost feels like I’m absorbing the sun when listening to it. There are some psychedelic undertones to the song as well that makes this single seem like a big, new, beautiful change for Lorde. The acoustic in the back is very mellow, but as always her lyrics and prominent voice take over, and the song wraps together perfectly. With “Solar Power,” Lorde’s given us a little taste for what’s to come and I’m so stoked for the day her third album comes out. Like she says in the song “Come on and let the bliss begin.” 

Jasmine Aguirre

UC Riverside '21

Hi! I'm Jasmine (Jay) & I'm a 4th year Media & Cultural Studies major. I aspire to communicate through written word, in hopes that we can all learn something along the way & I love sharing all of my interests. I have a huge passion for anything music related, as I want to someday become a music journalist.