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The Journey of a Plus Sized Girl

     This week has been very busy and difficult because of midterms, classes, work and meetings. It has been hard to eat healthy or even at all on a regular basis. Although I did not cut junk food cold turkey, I reward myself a bit. By that I mean every time I drink three bottles of water, I drink a cup of juice. If I eat my healthy meals, I will eat a few cookies or a portioned amount of chips. I no longer binge eat like I used to. Now I try to portion everything evenly so if something might not seem that healthy, I’ll only eat a portion of it. If it were up to me, I would eat half of the bottle of Pringles, a whole roll of Oreos, or the whole bag of popcorn. But right now I am slowly learning about self-control and since I am not used to eating super healthy, I am trying to portion my meals in order for my body to get used to it.

     I feel better already though. I do not exercise too much but I do walk to school every day and the walk from my house is about a 30-40 minute walk to class. It may not be too much but it has helped me a lot. I do break a sweat with some hills and it is a good morning or afternoon walk. It’s a slow transition but I am trying and will try a lot more as the weeks go by.

     What made my weekend was the difference my mom saw in me. Not just physically but also mentally. She noticed I was happier. And I am happy and am also working on loving myself unconditionally. She did say I looked a bit thinner this weekend too, which she never tells me. So it gave me more motivation. It is important to be happy and love yourself when we live in a society that constantly judges us for our appearances, but I am learning to be myself

     My plans for next week are to either start a gym routine to go every other day and if it becomes too difficult because of my schedule, I will start doing Insanity either mornings before class or work, or at night. It might be difficult but I know I can do it. I feel motivated to continue on this new journey! 

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