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Picture it, you’re waiting for class and your stomach growls. You’ve skipped breakfast, because let’s face it cereal for the twentieth time in a row simply isn’t cutting it anymore. You’re in between classes and your stomach starts to growl, so naturally you venture to the HUB to satisfy your needs, and now you have options. You could go get a delicious slice of pizza, containing loads of melted cheese and savory sauces, or there is always a fresh roll of sushi waiting for you at Honor Roll, but then you realize you shouldn’t be spending so much money on food- what do you do?

If you’re on a budget like I am, look no further, I am here to help. Luckily working at the HUB I have learned where to save a buck or two and what the best options are when money is tight.

Let’s start with a personal favorite of mine, La Fiamma. It’s a great place for a fire-oven pizza, freshly made pasta, and an option to build your own salad. If you’re looking for a satisfying meal (pizza and a drink) look no further. A slice of cheese is only $2.09, and it’s $5.39 for two slices of pizza and a drink. It’s a great deal, considering drinks at the HUB are $2.04 for a small cup. Do keep in mind, the more toppings you get, the more you pay. Pasta on the other hand is a bit more expensive, but it does come with quite a bit more food. When you order pasta you get a choice of three veggies, meat, sauce, a side of salad, and a drink for the price of $7.99.

Next we have Honor Roll. While $8.99 might seem like a hefty price to pay for twelve rolls, they do offer two California Rolls for a more affordable price of $6.99 that is not included on the menu. But keep in mind that you’ll have to wait for it, as opposed to buying two packs of grab-and-go sushi. Do keep in mind that if you’re asking for extra spicy or eel sauce, they are charging an additional $0.39, unless you ask for it directly on top of your sushi.

Habanero’s is a good choice when you’re in need of a Mexican food fix, but their food does tend to be on the pricier side, especially if you’re getting anything extra (i.e. $1.60 for guacamole). However  know that with any meal there you are allowed to get a free flour tortilla- free of charge. And if you are get more than three tacos, you are going to be paying an extra $2.99 per taco. 

Lastly, we have the C-Store, Bear Necessities. There is plenty to choose from, but do keep in mind it comes with a price. Things like power bars end up being $3.45 each, nearly twice as much as a grocery store. Of course there are great thigns about the C-Store including their underrated coffee. And if you haven’t tried their vanilla bean roast or $1.99 hotdogs you are seriously missing out!

I am a third year, transfer student at UCR, and I am studying creative writing- with a fiction emphasis. I plan on become the most insane and inspiring creative writing professor ever known, but until I get there, I'm just learning to be a writer, one letter at a time.
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