The Laladoc Martens

How Hard is it to Break-In Dr. Marten Platform Boots?

Recently, most people have been wearing Dr. Martens. I would see people walking around school, and pretty much everywhere, wearing those boots. One of my dormmates had them and I thought they were so cute that I wanted to get a pair as well. I was a little hesitant at first since I do not tend to wear boots, but thought it would be nice to change my style up a bit. 


I began looking online to see which of the boots I wanted. My first choice was the 1460 Pascal Virginia Leather boots because they are part of the original collection, and I thought it would be the easiest way to not pick something I didn’t like. As I kept looking at the website, I started to like the boots that had a platform more than the original ones just because of the fact that it would help me be taller without it having a heel and just a platform.

Boots In The Snow Anna Thetard / Her Campus

After about weeks of doing research and saving up money to buy my boots, I finally ordered them online and got them delivered to my dorm a couple of weeks later. When I first tried on the boots, they hurt a little bit so I just thought all I needed to do was break them in. Although that was the case, breaking in Dr. Martens was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.


The first time I took them out, I walked about a mile in them, and could not handle them anymore. It had been raining that day and my friend and I went to go get our nails done. On the way back from getting our nails done, I could no longer handle the boots to the point where I ended up taking off my boots and walked barefoot all the way back to my dorm (and don’t forget it was raining). I had ended up getting blisters from the boots, and it was the most painful thing to deal with for weeks.

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In the end, though, I do not regret getting those boots at all. They are really nice and comfortable (now), and add some flare to my style anytime that I wear them. They make me look a lot taller which is by far my favorite thing. After talking to a few people though, I concluded that platforms are the hardest of the boots to break in.


Naqiyah Bandukwala, a first-year at UCR explained how her 1460 Vonda Floral leather boots were not hard to break it.

“Mine were easy. They were a bit hard and uncomfortable on the top of my foot, but I just stretched it out and would wear them around the dorm before actually wearing them out.”


Unless you want to look taller, get the platform boots, but if you just want to get Dr. Martens for their cute style, grab the regular ones.