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HIS Campus: An Article Just for HIM

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

Alright guys! I want to help you learn how to survive being with a girl. All girls come in different shapes, sizes, personalities, and more and I want to help you!

What do girls want? Why can’t they just be happy? Why can’t girls stop complaining? No need to fear, Stephanie is here!

            We all know that when it comes to the opposite sex, males and females are difficult to deal with and understand. We both think to ourselves “WTF do girls/boys want!” Right now I want to help guys out a bit. I have split up girls into a few categories since we are all different, and these categories are the more general and common type. (Warning: this is all based on years of observations and opinions. Enjoy!)

The Funny Girl: These girls love the type of guys that can make her laugh easily. When she is having a bad day, you are there to make her laugh and smile. These girls usually love guys for their personalities more than their looks (remember everyone cares about looks even if looks is small percentage of the type of person you want; so keep yourself groomed and clean). You can easily be cheesy and make her laugh about it. Being romantic with the funny girl is a bit easier because even if an idea you have is dumb, she will laugh but also appreciate the time and thought you put into a dumb idea. For example, you give her a bucket of cheese puffs instead of popcorn because you know she loves cheese puffs a lot. That is funny, clever, and shows her that you actually listen to her. So it is okay if you are no Seth Rogen, if she likes you, and you like her, see where it can go from there.

The Jealous Girl: The jealous girls are usually a bit more self-conscious than normal. There are different levels of jealousy as well. For instance, if you talk to a friend that is a girl and your friend flirts but you don’t, your girlfriend would get a bit jealous but will not make a big deal. Now the same scenario but with a girl who starts asking you questions like “who is she? Why did you hug her? How do you know her? Have you ever liked her?” and so on. Some guys are the very jealous type too, and when a very jealous girl and very jealous boy meet, they are both bound to clash. So for guys make sure you and your girl can trust each other and always be honest with one another.


The Needy Girl: Needy girls are the type that needs to be talking to a guy 24/7. They want you to be texting her, call her at night, make it Facebook official, mention her on Twitter and take her out as much as you can. Some couples do that and have no problem with it, but all guys are different. Some guys do not like that much attention and need space and time to themselves. To solve this problem what the needy girl needs is close girlfriends she can hang out with and talk to a few days out of the week in order to have a healthy relationship. We all have needs but sometimes we all need time to ourselves and need that guy time and girl time with friends and/or family.

The High Maintenance Girl: These girls are harder to impress compared to the funny girl, the jealous girl, and the needy girl. The high maintenance girl usually thinks the world revolves around her and wants attention literally 24/7. She loves being pampered and given gifts from her boyfriend as much as possible. She wears only expensive brand named clothing, shoes, jewelry, hair products and etc. These girls are usually seen as “conceited” or “cocky” but these are the type of girls a lot of guys want because you all see it as a challenge. If you are up for the challenge, then bless you child because you will be facing trouble. Some of these girls might be hard to deal with, but if you get to know her she can be a great person as well, but you need some $$$ in order to keep up with her lifestyle.

The Promiscuous Girl: Now to our interesting type of girl. Promiscuous girls exist everywhere whether it is in the club, school, at work, or sometimes even your friends. She is a tigress trying to find her prey and will not give up until she gets what she wants. There are some guys and girls that just want to have fun and hook up, so let’s be honest, the fun loving promiscuous girl might be that girl. The primiscuous girl is fun, outgoing, usually outspoken, and you will have a great time with her, but she is not the relationship type. Guys who are looking for a serious relationship, this girl is not looking to settle. 

The Normal Girl: Lastly, what is a normal girl? Is anyone normal in this world? Well the normal girl (in my opinion) is a girl who carries herself well and accepts herself for who she is. She will accept your flaws as well and will not try to change you no matter how annoying any certain habit might be. She will get a bit jealous, be a bit needy, and have a good sense of humor, but that is what I consider normal. Every girl likes the attention from a guy she likes, and when given a good amount of attention, she will be happy. Is this type of girl hard to find? Maybe but it is a great challenge for you guys to find someone special that you can call your girlfriend or even one day your soul mate.

All guys out there in the world, all girls want is attention and when attention isn’t given, that is when girls start to get cranky and snap at you guys. If she is having cramps one day, get her some chocolate and a teddy bear to let her know you care. If she is having a bad day, be there for her. Believe me if you do small things to show her you care, you will get great results. You will argue less, she won’t yell at you for not being romantic, and she will know you are not cheating on her if you give her enough attention. When you start flaking, rarely get to see her, or start lagging on texts, that is when girls get paranoid. So if you have a girlfriend, go get her some flowers or a thoughtful gift just because you care. No relationship is perfect and no man or woman is perfect either, but you all have to work through it together in order to make your relationship work. Hope this helps and good luck on your quest men!

(If you want to learn more about Girls or Guys, watch MTV’s Girl Code or watch MTV2’s Guy Code. It really helps as well!)