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Neuro will be on campus on April 9th (Wednesday) for a sleepover! Okay, not a real sleepover, but they’ll be at the Bell Tower passing out goodies (eye masks, pillow cases, t-shirts) and Neuro sleep product from 11am-3pm. There will even be a photo booth with an actual bed! This SLEEPover will make every Highlanders dreams come true!

Neuro SLEEP is a scientifically-based functional beverage that gives you a full night’s rest in a natural way. So if you’re laying your pretty head on your pillow, but find yourself tossing and turning because of the heat, or the jitters, Neuro SLEEP will sure come in handy! Why lay in bed counting sheep, when you can drink a bottle of Neuro SLEEP to ease you into a restful slumber. 

Come on out and join us at the Bell Tower to grab yourself a bottle of Neuro SLEEP, you be the judge! Just don’t drink it right there and then, or you might fall asleep in lecture. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

Neuro SLEEP is available in three delicious flavors: Peach Apricot Original and our two new taste-bud teasers, Mellow Mango and Tangerine Dream. Each is a uniquely delectable way to get your natural beauty sleep.”

Learn more here!

Twitter: @drinkneuro
Instagram: @drinkneuro
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UC Riverside

Nicole is a senior at UC Riverside where she is majoring in Media and Culture studies. She co-founded the Her Campus UC Riverside chapter her sophomore year in college. She loves to spend her free time watching The Mindy Project, Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and other shows with leading ladies. She also dabbles on tumblr, instagram (obviwearetheladies), and twitter. Mindy Kailing and Shoshanna are her spirit animals and in the near future she hopes to achieve elite status on Yelp, pursue a career in Public Relations and ultimately conquer the world.