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Guadalupe Flores


Name: Guadalupe Flores
Age: 21
School Year: 4th
Hometown: El Monte, CA
Major: History and Administrative Studies

How would you describe your personality?

My personality is complicated. I have a strong character; I am very opinionated and like to have control of things. I am a reliable independent women and hard working. Although my personality is very straight forward, I am still approachable and easy going. I love laughing and joking around. I can easily start a conversation with anyone. I am loyal to my close friends and family. Details matter to me; I am very observant and notice everything.

What are you involved in at school?

During my second year here at UCR I joined a sorority called Alpha Pi Sigma that has helped me become more involved with school and actually make a connection to the campus. I’ve served on executive board from the end of my third year until now and have seen myself grown tremendously. With my organization we fundraise to give scholarships to new incoming students as well as participating in community service and helping each other excel academically.

Who is your celebrity crush?

It’s hard to say but I think the only reason I have a crush on Vin Diesel is because of the Fast and Furious movies. It’s just the cars and stunts that make him awesome ;)

What has been your best school year so far?

It would have to be now, my fourth year here at UCR. Personally and academically everything is going so well. My parents never really supported the fact that I was going to move out and go to college, so they definitely have not helped me financially. Recently they have been more understanding and have been able to support my decisions. They have finally accepted what I am doing and even offer to help me financially when they can. I have been working at the Undergraduate Admissions department here at UCR since my freshmen year and finally after years of administrative change and hard work I have been promoted to oversee other student workers. Even through my sorority, I serve on our executive board and I feel as though I have encompassed more of a leadership role within the organization as well as outside of it. Everything is going so well and I hope to see more positive change soon.

If you knew today was your last day, what would do?

Leave immediately to be with my family because no matter what happens they will always be there for me.

How does it feel being Campus Cutie?

It feels nice to have been recognized :)

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