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Glossier Products You Need to Add to Your Routine

Since its launch in 2014, Glossier has steadily climbed up the beauty product chain giving itself a name as one of the most iconic makeup and skincare brands. With the rise of the “clean girl” aesthetic glossier makeup and skincare has brought a much-needed simplicity into routines. Here are a few must-have products from glossier that you should definitely try during your next shopping spree. 

Balm Dotcom 

Dubbed the “universal skin salve,” the Balm Dotcom lip balm is one of glossier’s best-selling products. It is a hydrating lip balm made to nourish dry and chafed skin. However, the question on everyone’s mind is±— is this skincare or makeup? The answer is both! And the lip balm comes in 9 amazing flavors, some of which are scented and tinted. 


The Pro-Tip is, in my opinion, the best eyeliner for beginner makeup users; it is an easy-to-use blush-tipped eyeliner made with a smudge-resistant formula. 


The “cashmere sweater of lipsticks” is a rich moisturizing and buildable lipstick with a luxurious and soft formula; perfect for both day and nighttime looks. There are nine stunning shades to choose from, and we challenge you to just choose one. 

Lash Slick

The Lash Slick is the perfect mascara for anyone looking for a natural makeup look. This mascara visually lengthens lashes without smudging or flaking. Lash Slick’s weightless formula enhances the look of natural lashes without creating a clumpy look. Branded as an “everyday mascara,” the nourishing ingredients help support your natural lashes in the long term. 


Glossier’s Futerdew provides a fresh dewy look without the hassle of an extreme skincare routine. This product provides a better, brighter, well-moisturized look and will brighten up any makeup look you put over the top of it. 

Milky Oil 

This gentle makeup remover melts off and lifts away long-lasting and stubborn makeup off your face. The perfectly proportioned combination of micellar water and oil mix created a formula that easily dissolves makeup and cleanses your skin. 

Glossier You- Eau de Parfum 

Glossier You is an award-winning fragrance and with good reason. The perfume was designed to smell like you, a warm and familiar fragrance that’ll grow on you no matter what your perfume preferences are.

Glossier has so many amazing skincare and makeup products. Have fun on your next glossier shopping spree, and be sure to pick up at least one of these stunning products! 

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