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Fun Things to Do Before Graduating College

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

Winter Quarter is almost over. With just a year and a quarter left until graduation, there are a few chances I’m grateful that I’ve taken, yet feel there are so many experiences I want to have while I’m still young and living away from home. Here are a few risks that I felt have paid off and a few things I plan on doing before graduation that are not academic or professional related.

Find your style

I attended a private school with a strict uniform dress code. Before entering college, I did a lot of online browsing, adding items to my cart that I never bought. Although online browsing can be addicting, it helped me mix and match items. Looking at pictures on online fashion retailers also sparked fashion inspiration. For instance, Romwe has various collections categorized into aesthetics such as goth, street, and academia, making it easier to filter items. Thrifting has also been fun and rewarding with finding rare items at cheap prices. Finally dressing how I want has made me more confident from being able to express myself.

Start a club

One of the highlights of my college experience was starting a club. I felt like it was a chance worth taking to try to find like minded people. Being in a college with thousands of students, there are going to be at least ten people you probably share an interest with. Chances are though, you are not going to just happen to sit next to one of these people in class unless you start a club related to your major. Clubs are a great way to unite people with niche interests, and can be promoted through social media and tabling. I started my club by posting on my campus’s Reddit page, and then communicated with prospective members on Instagram and Discord. Even if a club only has about ten active members, that is still a lot more friends than you started with and enough people to officially be recognized as a student organization.

Attend at least one campus event

I am someone who rarely attends campus events. There are long lines and crowds, which can be unpleasant. However, I think going to at least one major campus event is worth it just for the experience. Waiting in line with friends makes the time go by faster and is good bonding time. Campus events often give out free stuff such as hoodies and t-shirts. In my opinion, this merchandise looks much better than what the campus store has to offer due to different color schemes and less traditional looking logos. Some events also have performers, many of whom are up and coming. Who knows? Maybe an artist you see on campus ends up going mainstream.

Go to a concert and/or music festival

In a couple of months, I am going to my first concert. College is a time of freedom in between the stresses of high school and a full-time job, so even if a concert by your favorite artist is on a weekday night, I encourage you to go. In college, most classes are not every day. Without homework due the day after it’s assigned, it’s okay to work a little ahead or procrastinate a day every once in a while. Also, your favorite artist may only perform once near your college during the four or so years you’re there. Don’t miss the opportunity when it arises. Screaming with my friends and buying band merch is something I look forward to doing soon.

Explore the area around your college

Although UC Riverside was one of my top choices, I was always told that there was nothing to do in Riverside. In comparison to UCLA, Riverside probably does not offer much, yet I’m making an effort to try as many restaurants and boba shops as possible. The highlight of Riverside is a historical downtown area, which is nicely lit up at night and home to one of a kind coffee shops. I’ve only been to one coffee shop downtown, though I’ve heard there’s multiple that are artsy looking and good places to study. My friends enjoy browsing through a three or four floor antique shop downtown. Nearby, there’s also the famous Mission Inn hotel that decorates for Christmas. Regardless of where you attend college, I’m sure there’s a few hidden gems. 

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Molly Peach / Her Campus

College is a rare time of independence and exploration that I want to take advantage of. While you are still young with few responsibilities, I think you should try as many new things as possible. The ideas above are just my recommendations, but from others, I’ve heard that studying abroad, renting an AirBNB with a group of friends, and exploring the nearest big city are also fun!

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