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Five Stages of Finals Week!

It is that time of year again, FINALS. Over 20,000 students are cramming, losing sleep, and studying for these end of the school year finals. If you haven’t already noticed, people tend to go a bit crazy during finals week, I know my friends have. But for those who are oblivious to the signs of finals crazy, I am here to talk about the finals lunacy stages.


Stage 1: Acceptance.

I know what you’re thinking, how is acceptance being the first step? Well, you have to accept that you have finals coming up. Knowing that all the information you have been taught for the past ten weeks will finally be tested. You are tested not only on your test taking and studying skills but whether you were able to retain the information. This is an early stage because you start to accept that you have finals coming up about two weeks before finals week.

Stage 2: Panic

About a week before finals week, you or those around you will start to panic like crazy. Half of my friends have already lost their minds and the week has just started. You will notice some hyperventilation maybe some uncontrollable sweating but that all will subside when finals are over.

Stage 3: Depression

This is the night before or the day of the final stage. You will get sad and depressed but it’s all temporary. You are busy cramming all the quarter’s knowledge into your brain and have probably lost many hours of sleep or forgot to eat. First off, EAT SOMETHING. Not eating is worse for brain function. Next, take deep breaths and calmly walk into the testing room with the confidence that you will do well.

Stage 4; JOY

The greatest stage of them all-JOY. This comes after you have finished your final and have left the testing room not caring whether you passed or not because all that matters is that you are done!!!

Stage 5: Denial

The last stage of finals week is denial. You start denying that you have more finals to come; you may even have another final the same day. But you have to keep your head up high, accept that you have more finals to study for, and carry on!



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Unnati Gandhi

UC Riverside

I am a first-year Biology major at the University of California, Riverside.
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