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2019 is definitely another year full of film and tv reboots and remakes, bringing an aura of nostalgia to all of us. These concepts are nothing new to the entertainment industry though. For years, we’ve seen classic films and tv shows come back in a new way. Now, whether or not these productions are better or worse is completely up to each individual. Some directors and writers perfectly execute the art of bringing these stories back, while others completely miss the mark.


Photo by MGM Studios – The Addams Family Animation Reboot


Ranging from a variety of different genres, reboots and remakes always get mixed emotions from audience members. It also almost seems like a domino effect in recent years with film and tv originals making their way back to the big screen. When one is given the green light to move forward, many others seem to pop up with announcements as well. From 80’s and 90’s favorites, to family films and simple comedies or dramas, the possibility of these classics are endless.


Photo from Pink News – Buffy the Vampire Slayer


In 2019, there are many shows and films debuting that are reboots and remakes. In recent years, I’ve never really known how to feel about this concept in the entertainment industry. For film lovers, and even those who love to binge older tv shows like myself, it can be hard to see your favorites hitting the screen once again. The main reason for this, or at least for me, is that you don’t want it to be bad – plain and simple. These characters that you hold dear to your heart are perfect as they are, and it would just out right suck to see them at only half their potential in a remake or reboot. I’ve learned though that reboots and remakes don’t change the way you feel about the originals. I say this because I’m a lot more open to watching these classics be redone, simply because if I don’t like it – well – there’s always the original. And you might find yourself actually enjoying these modernized stories.


Photo by The CW


The CW is one of the top leaders I always see on the forefront of reboots and remakes. Just in October of 2018, the CW released their remake of Warner Brothers’s Charmed twenty years after its first pilot. This remake focuses on three young girls once again, but the cast is clearly more diverse and tries to be a better representation of the world around us. The show itself has mixed reviews from audience members, and the show’s original fans. One review even said, “Some aspects of the show intrigue me, while others make me wish the writers had made better choices”. In 2019, the CW released another Warner Brothers remake of their 1999 original, Roswell. In January, they aired Roswell: New Mexico that takes a spin off of the classic series. The new series definitely takes an approach to issues that are more widely talked about today, addressing the harsh realities for undocumented people. The latest news for CW reboots and remakes include a tv series for The Lost Boys and even Nancy Drew. It’s even a possible that the CW can pick up Joss Whedon’s reboot of his classic series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a personal favorite of mine) sometime soon.


Photo by Disney


In terms of films making their own special comeback, we see this even being done with beloved Disney movies. Coming just this month, Disney’s classic film Dumbo is hitting the big screens with a Dumbo Live Action. Directed by Tim Burton, this film is sure to bring tears to your eyes. In July of this year as well, Disney’s The Lion King is also making its way to theatres with a The Lion King Live Action. So gals and guys, be sure to grab your tissue boxes and enjoy these beautiful films.


Photo by Ryan Scott on MovieWeb


So whether or not film and tv reboots and remakes are a good or bad thing is still up in the air. The best advice I can give is to simply give them a chance. Who knows, you might end up loving it for different reasons than the original. Either way it’s a great opportunity to live through the nostalgia of childhood and teenage memories. I know I’ll be waiting for the pilot’s and premieres.

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