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As I carefully clicked the “submit” button to turn in my last final ever, the feeling of relief and happiness struck. I was relieved because it meant that I no longer had to worry about turning in any more assignments, essays, or exams. I felt free. I’ve never been the type to love school but once I became a college student, I grew to appreciate the environment of it. I am really grateful that I attended UCR where I was able to experience the first year dorm life, move out into a house the year after, and spend my last year online. I actually grew to like online education because I always hated dressing up for school. I also hated not finding parking in Lot 30. Being able to wake up and open my laptop, I felt less stressed. 

[bf_image id="w37snfmq759g555g94c3j9k"] This is my last article for Her Campus and I appreciate what this community has provided for me. I was allowed to share my thoughts and voice on this platform, as well as help other college womxn. What I can take from this is to continue doing it outside of college. I will always remember the fun memories, stressful study sessions at Starbucks, the cool people, and most importantly, the life on campus. This is the place where I transformed into the woman I am today. I took my first steps onto UCR as an individual who was lost, not confident with who she was, to walking out as a woman who knows her worth and has changed for the better. My advice for whoever is reading this is to appreciate your time at college. Time flies by quickly. Appreciate your independence and freedom before you have to go out into the real world. Farewell UCR, I will always cherish you. Until then, I’m off to start a new chapter in my life.

Jenita Raksanoh

UC Riverside '21

Jenita is a Media and Cultural Studies major at the University of California, Riverside. She enjoys meal prepping, working out, having photoshoots and discovering trendy food spots. Her goal is to motivate women to become healthier and become the best version of themselves. Being a young woman in college has taught her not only academically but mentally as well, which is why she is driven to help others through Her Campus.
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