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Looking for something to entertain you during Spooky Season? Searching for that autumn-vibe cozy game? There’s something about October that excites everyone, whether it’s the colors of the trees, the expectation of Halloween coming soon, or the pumpkin and cinnamon scented candles. If you want a game that captures that October feeling, here are three I highly recommend, that you may not have heard of.

  1. Fae Farm

A recent favorite of mine, Fae Farm is the fantasy farming-sim lovechild of fan favorites “Animal Crossing” and “Stardew Valley.” Set in the small town of Azoria, the protagonist must plant crops, mine gems and materials, battle dungeon creatures, and go on quests to progress in the story. In the meantime, you get to build a cozy life for yourself. Fae Farm may have some very familiar aspects (mining in the Saltwater Caves is nearly exactly like Stardew Valley), but others keep it unique. The fae-fantasy element of the game is new to me in a farming sim, and there is a great balance of quests and free time to decorate, farm, and breed all 72 flower combinations. The romance options are delightful, too (I’m looking at you, Argyle. Please tell me more about frogs, I’m all ears). While the selection is small, players can engage with a handful of villagers of any gender, and must take on quests and go on dates to encourage their affection. The game is very queer-positive as well. They/them pronouns are included in the character creation screen, and despite what pronouns they chose, players can pick one of four body types and one of about six voices (or no voice at all!). A fun and light-hearted game, there are little negative consequences for failing at tasks or staying out too late at night. I would recommend Fae -Farm to anxious gamers, queer folk, and lovers of all things cozy!

  1. Witch Spring 3: RE: Fine

While this game is the third in a series, it can absolutely be played stand-alone. An RPG-style battling game, you’ll instantly be drawn to the aesthetics of both the sprites and the character design in dialog pop-up. You begin as a Nameless Witch in the middle of a large forest, and soon begin engaging with humans, beasts, and monsters alike. This game is interesting in that it functions like a typical fantasy RPG, where you fight monsters to progress and gain rewards, but it has a bit of that choose-your-own-adventure feel as well. Depending on your choices, you will unlock a different ending– there are two endings and three routes. I fell in love instantly with the Nameless Witch, her romanceable friend Adrian, and the beautiful design of the setting and characters. Yes, I did buy the available expansion pack that provides more dresses for the main character, and yes, it was absolutely worth it. The game has a shorter run time than most, coming in at 15-20 hours of playtime on average. It’s perfect for a casual gamer or someone who wants something gorgeous and light to play, without the 400 hour commitment.

  1. Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

I haven’t yet finished Ender Lilies, but I already recommend it. This is a metroidvania RPG following a young girl in a fantastic world ruined by a “Rain of Death.” The little girl must collect spirits to fight her way through the brutal wasteland, and the player is challenged by navigating the complex map system and fighting off creepy bosses. Despite the elements of horror and dark fantasy in the game, the design is surprisingly beautiful, and the movement style of the main character and NPCS are fluid and engaging. It’s a quiet game that’s relatively calming… until you come across an enemy, and then it’s battle time. It’s somewhat of a puzzle to find the next part of the map or the next boss, but that has been one of the most fun parts for me so far (that and overusing the spirit that swings a spiked iron ball in the air). A slightly more intense game, I recommend this to fans of platformers, enjoyers of dark fantasy, and gamers that like a little bit of a challenge.

There you have it: three excellent games for any vibe of spooky season, whether you’re looking for a cozy fantasy, an aesthetic RPG, or a dark metroidvania. All of these games are available on Switch and Windows PC, with Ender Lilies also on Xbox and Playstation. Happy gaming, and good luck!

Caroline Lesser

UC Riverside '24

Hiya! I'm Cal, and I'm a fourth year Creative Writing major at the University of California Riverside. In addition to writing and editing for UCR's chapter of HerCampus, I'm focusing on my honors capstone project. I love cozy video games, tea lattes, crochet, and language learning. Aside from articles, I write horror and fantasy.