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Like many other university students, I had to head back home due to the pandemic. Having been used to the independence and freedom of college it was quite hard adjusting to being back home. For one, my parent’s and I’s opinions radically differed from one another which constantly caused tension between us. I wasn’t allowed to do things that were normal for me like dying my hair or staying up watching TV past ten pm. Needless, to say I rapidly became irritated and wanted an out but that was obviously impossible since there was a pandemic. 

[bf_image id="6jm5xhkfvnmvtvch7csts"] I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had this experience or a similar one. So what to do in this situation? Well, I would say for one try to talk to your parents. Communication is key and although it does not solve everything it's a great start. I sat my parents down and explained that I felt suffocated and needed space. After all, we were all stressed out and nervous, plus the transition of all of us having to be at home was a complicated one. I was calm and when rebuked I tried to be logical, one thing I learned is that often giving into emotions during arguments will only aggravate the situation.  

[bf_image id="h8s57zc64nvpnswr89kg63q"] Another thing I did was be firm about the boundaries I wanted to establish, such as alone time and autonomy. This shifted the dynamics of our situation in a better direction. My parents became more understanding and tried to be more respectful of my choices and needs. After that, I began to adjust to my home again. However, another problem arose, I felt a bit out of tune with my family. This is most likely because I had spent so much time away from them and therefore I wasn’t as aware of how they had changed during that time. It was weird having to navigate those changes however spending quality time with my loved ones changed that. 

[bf_image id="qf0h0v-fje8uo-c34yuo"] I started by watching shows and anime with my sisters having something to talk about again really helped us out. By making time for my sisters and getting used to one another again we were able to bond and are now closer than we have ever been before. Similarly, with my parents, I made time to help them with whatever I could and to have genuine conversations. This helped me better understand their perspectives but also made my appreciation for them grow. As a family, we have grown together by taking afternoon drives where we go to different places and just take in the scenery from the safety of our car. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a safe adventure during the pandemic. Overall, through communication and putting in time and effort, I was able to readjust to being at home and bonded even more with my family.


Paulina Herrera

UC Riverside '22

Paulina Herrera is a junior at UC Riverside studying English. She has spent her time refining her skills as an art director intern for The Naked Magazine and as an intern for The Art Collection, NY. When she is not working on her art or writing you can find her reading copious amounts of comics and books or attending conventions.
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