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In recent years, I’ve discovered how fun outdoor movie events can be. In the Los Angeles area, these events happen in the spring through early fall. Cinema is one of the most loved arts among people. It’s fun to indulge yourself in another world, in other lives, for a few hours. My favorite films are from the 1980s and 90s. As a huge film enthusiast, I remember being younger and wishing I could have experienced these movies on the big screen. In general, I think there’s something beautiful about watching these films on the big screen, especially with people you enjoy spending time with.


(Photo by Street Food Cinema)


Street Food Cinema is the first outdoor cinema event I experienced and I absolutely loved it! SFC premieres films all over Los Angeles County. They show films on a large inflatable screen, and mostly in parks. There’s so much to this event that goes beyond just going to watch a movie. With it being an outdoor event, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. You’re allowed to bring blankets, pillows, chairs, food, and drinks! Be ready to have a picnic with your loved ones and watch films you adore. However, there’s no need to bring food if you don’t want to as there are different types of food trucks, including vegan and /vegetarian options, you can buy from at any time during the event! It also technically starts about an hour or so before the film so you have enough time to pick a spot to sit in, grab food, and enjoy live music!


(Photo by Street Food Cinema)


One thing I love so much about SFC is the guest speakers they sometimes include. This can be anyone from the director or writer, to loved actors from the film! Most of all I love the movies that are selected. A lot of their choices are from 1980s and 90s films, so I get to experience these on the big screen. They also make sure to include more recent films for those who prefer newer films. I’ve been able to watch Pretty in Pink, Grease, Fight Club, and more through SFC. Each experience was amazing and correlated well with the movie themes. Pretty in Pink was so much fun to see because it was prom themed and we got to dress up in 80s prom attire. This is definitely something worth trying this summer. The full 2019 schedule can be found here.


(Photo by Rooftop Cinema Instagram)


Another way to get the outdoor cinema experience is through Rooftop Cinema! They have two locations in the Los Angeles area. One is in Downtown Los Angeles and the other is located in Hollywood. These events are 18 years of age and older, which is something important to remember. Here they show many fan-favorite films, ranging from the 1980s to newer releases. The cool thing about this experience is that you are given headsets to wear during the film to ensure you are able to hear perfectly. I’ve found that this is more engaging for the viewer. You also get to sit in a lounge chair or love seat, depending on the ticket you have purchased. They also provide blankets to keep warm under the stars. Another great part of the Rooftop Cinema Club is that with your ticket purchase you get to enjoy bottomless popcorn, candies and games prior to the film. You are always free to upgrade your ticket to include drinks and other perks as well. And just a P.S for those 21+, they also have a bar! You can find the 2019 schedules for both locations here.


(Photo by Cinespia)


Are you a fan of horror movies, or simply cult classics? If you love this just like I do, then Cinespia’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery outdoor screenings are for you! Located at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Cinespia offers the chance to watch horror movies and cult classics all summer long and through the fall. Enjoy films like Halloween, Beetlejuice, True Romance and more under the stars. Much like Street Food Cinema, this event is a picnic type event so you’re encouraged to bring blankets, food and even low chairs if you prefer it. Beer and wine are also permitted on site, just be responsible with it of course. You also get to enjoy a pre and after show with a DJ and themed photo booths to go with the film. It’s a huge event so I’d definitely recommend getting there early, but it’s overall a great way to spend your summer nights. And let’s not forget what a crazy experience in itself it is with its location, a cemetery! The schedule for this outdoor cinema event can be found here.


Dance the night away, drink, eat, and have a magical night of mischief and wander with your friends.

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