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From early morning class lectures to job shifts or going out to a party with friends, college is a time where your schedule gets wrapped up in so many activities. The most important aspect that keeps most girls running is not only looking good– but feeling confident throughout the day. That’s not to say young women should rely on makeup to feel beautiful, but it’s fun to elevate your features and play around with mascara or lip gloss. Here are some of my favorite makeup products that I believe every college student must try.

The weather at UCR is slowly becoming colder and that means trying to avoid dry skin. A really underrated and hydrating primer that I always wear under my base makeup is the Essence Hello Good Stuff Glow Serum, which is only $6 at Ulta Beauty. The scent of this serum smells exactly like watermelon and includes Niacinamide, which instantly makes your skin feel super fresh and smooth. This product is such a good deal and has gained attraction on Tik Tok for being a more affordable “dupe” to the viral Glow Recipe Dew Drops from Sephora that retail for $35-40. 

Following a good primer, an epic foundation and concealer combo that will have your face looking flawless all day is essential. For foundation, the L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation is super easy to dab on in the mornings and lasts full coverage all day. Not only is it also super affordable at Target– costing only $9.99– but the brand has over 40 different skin tone shades from pale to dark that pairs perfectly to the tone of almost everyone. Concealers are also great to blend on top of foundation because it brightens your under eyes– perfect if you’ve been spending your nights studying for midterms instead of sleeping. The Elf Camo Concealer is only $7 at Ulta and does the job to seamlessly cover dark under eye circles! If you want to look more awake throughout your long and tedious class schedule, this is a long-lasting concealer that will do just the trick. 

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Blush is the most fun part of makeup, which can really work to bring color and life to your temples. Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush is the perfect investment for college students. A full size retails for $23 at Sephora, but the pigments are so colorful and the bottles last up to over a year. There are many beautiful pink, rouge, and purple shades to choose from, but “Hope” is a popular everyday light pink blush color that matches daytime looks and transitions radiantly to night-out makeup. The most perfect part about this blush is that it’s liquid and gives your face a sheen glow that truly lasts– unlike most powdered blushes that wear off super fast. It is best to avoid the hassle of carrying makeup in your bag and re-applying multiple times a day. 

Lastly, a lash product that is amazing for college students is the Maybelline Sky High Mascara. This product is easily portable and leaves your eyelashes looking super long and effortlessly beautiful. Lash extensions are a beauty trend that has been popular this past year, but they can be expensive or hard to maintain. Instead, this mascara keeps your natural lashes looking lifted and voluminous all day without the trouble of buying false lashes.This is perfect to make your eyes pop, perhaps at a campus concert or evening show. 

Elisa Chavez

UC Riverside '27

Hello, my name is Elisa and I am a first year English major beyond thrilled to be a part of the writing committee. My favorite hobby in the world revolves around reading romance and fantasy novels, in fact I love spending time at bookstores. It is also worth mentioning that I adore cats, indie music, Harry Styles, and watching "Gilmore Girls" all year round.