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Halloween is literally one of those holidays you can celebrate all month long. This means costumes! Costumes! Costumes! Seriously costumes can be expensive. Here are five timeless DIY costumes that can be used year after year inspired by Instagram posts. These DIY costumes all depend on how creative you want to be. So, get ready to use your imagination and go wild!


1) DIY Witch Costume

Wearing any black apparel is the easy part but this year let’s change it up. Wear an all-black dress and tear the edges up a bit. Don’t be afraid. Grab a pair of scissors and start cutting out long triangles from the end of the sleeves.  

Maybe even pair a sweater with a skirt and find yourself a black tutu to wear over. Buy some colored ribbon to wrap around your waist. Match the ribbon with some striped tights.  

A must for this costume is a pointy hat and if possible, a broomstick. If you go with the tutu look, cut some of the underneath part and glue it to the rim of the hat. Throw on some sprinkles as well. And if you’re not afraid to become the Wicked Witch of the West purchase some green face paint and cover all the areas that show skin. Pair the look with a bold lip! Preferable red!  

(Photo Courtesy by Sofia Spina IG @makeupbysofx)


2) DIY Skeleton Costume

This costume is super easy! This is a DIY costume, so you have to buy a plain black long sleeve, leggings and white paint. Those who can draw should freehand. For others there are simple online cut outs you can print to outline onto the clothing and fill in with white paint. Let’s go all out by using glow in the dark paint over the painted bones.

(Photo Courtesy by Angil Nicolls IG @honestly_angil)

To complete this look, draw a skull onto your face, even add face jewels! Right now there are so many face jewels being advertised specifically to be worn around your eyes and lips..

(Photo Courtesy by Christina Marie IG @christinamarieartistry)


3) DIY Mermaid Costume

Want to look like you live under the sea? Well you will need your choice of either a bra or corset which ever makes you more comfortable.  

For the top let’s add detail find two large seashells or starfish. Gather up smaller shells that can be glued with a hot glue gun onto the bra or corset. Buy fishnet stocking and color them with your color of choice also glue it around the top. Make sure you leave some left over you’re going to need it later. To any shells that were not used, create a tiara. Any old headband would do. Just start hot gluing the shells onto the base and layer on top of each other.

(Photo Courtesy by Kailey Clarke IG @thehariandmakeupbybeautique)

For the tail pick any colored sequined fabric skirt. To stand out from the traditional turquoise/green go for a pink or purple skirt. Most stores sell the skirts already made but if you know how to sew you can buy a sequined fabric. Start sewing it to your figure and leave extra material on the bottom to have that mermaid fin appearance.

(Photo Courtesy by Clothing Brand Glitter Fox IG @glitterfoxla)

Buy temporary hair color spray! This is the coolest part by adding any color to your hair, even sprinkle on some glitter. Now back to the leftover fishnet hold it up to your face and use some eyeshadow that matches your tail and dust it over. Also apply along any other body areas.

(Photo Courtesy by Manuela Loaiza IG @manuloaizastudio)  


4) DIY Playboy Bunny Costume

Who doesn’t love the bunny ears and a sexy bunny tail. This year you too can pull this costume off. This costume you simply need to buy bunny ears and bodysuit that you feel comfortable in. Buy some satin ribbon and let’s make a bow tie, use a hot glue gun to first make a choker out of the material and gluing on a bow tie that you create. Then make some cuffs for your wrist with the satin ribbon.

(Photo Courtesy by Clothing Brand The Corset Carriage IG @thecorsetcarriage )

Have any cotton balls around? Glue some in a ball shape and pin it to behind your bodysuit. Don’t forget to wear some tights or fishnets. Remember this is a costume and do not need to resemble a real-life Playboy Bunny. We are all beautiful regardless our shape or size.

(Photo Courtesy by Clothing Brand Role Play IG@roleplaycoulture)  


5) DIY Cat Costume

Many girls have had to turn to the last-minute cat costume with wearing an all-black ensemble and cat ears. Your hair can be your cat ears. To create this look put your hair into tight long space buns. Purchase a fuzzy black sweater to add more dimension. Even add a tail to your outfit.  

(Photo Courtesy by Maryann Maquillage IG @maryamnyc )

And do not forget to draw onto your face! The easy way of drawing a cat nose is too start at the bottom of your nose and to draw line connecting to your lip and then creating a top straight black lip. Then proceed to draw whiskers and dots. Wear super long false eyelashes and for the night stick on pointy nails in black as the claws.

(Photo Courtesy by Asia Dionna IG @theasiadionaa )

If this year you want to try something different but also trying to keep the cat theme. Try looking for anything that’s cheetah or leopard print. Like a dress, shirt or maybe even leggings. To make it more authentic draw some cheetah print to the edges of your face. Use black and brown eyeliner to create the small circles.

(Photo Courtesy by Bekah Bundy IG @bekahbundymakeup and Vida La Koi IG @vivalakoi )



Like Kate Spade says, “Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never ends.” Costumes are a way of us still playing dress up so let’s play and make your DIY costume more you!

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