DIY with Dariana: String of Memories (Holiday Edition)!

Hello HC readers! I hope everyone had a great break! Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s a great time to start immersing yourself in all the holiday spirit. December seems to go on forever as we wait for break to come again while drowning in finals, so take some time to relax and maybe spice up your rooms with a little holiday cheer! For this week’s Dorm Decoration theme we have String of Memories(Holiday Edition)!

We all have those super embarrassing family Christmas pictures that our parents used to force us to take, right? Bonus: Here’s one of me in the Christmas sweaters my grandma used to give me every year. Bless her soul.


So why not bring these cringe-worthy photographs back from the depths of your closet? They make great decorations and conversation topics for anyone that sees them!

Here’s what you’ll need:

·         Anything that you can hang things from: a piece of yarn, string, rope, ribbon, etc.

·         Old pictures

·         Clothespins

·         Push pins/tacks or nails

·         Scissors

·         Optional: other holiday-related decorative objects (snowflakes, bows, ornaments, etc.)

Tip: You can get all of these things at your local dollar store


Step 1: Print or find the pictures that you want to hang(the cheesier the better). Then cut them out into the shapes you want or leave them as is.

Step 2: Figure out how long you want the string to be and cut it. You need to decide if you’re going to want to have it droop a little bit or just hang all the way across. Do you want it to go all around the room or on just one wall? I’ve posted examples of the two types here:

Hanging straight across: 

Drooping down:

Step 3: Using the clothespins, clip on the pictures and decorations onto the string.

Step 4: For this step I’m using thumbtacks to hang my string but I know a lot of you that live in the dorms aren’t allowed to make holes on your walls. You can either be a rebel and do it anyways and cover up the holes with soap at the end of the year or just use other methods of hanging it, like painter’s tape. (I actually ended up using both nails and thumbtacks because my wall was being uncooperative.)

Hammer time.

Step 5: Step back and enjoy the holiday spirit!

If you want to be extra creative, hang up the pictures and decorations on Christmas lights! If you’re not into the whole “Christmas spirit” thing, you can always use it for other holidays, just to hang pictures you like, or even to hang your sunglasses! The sky is the limit with these kinds of projects; all you have to do is use your imagination!

Happy Crafting, HC Cuties!