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On May 10th, the whole world saw a devastating crisis due to the conflict between Israel and Gaza. I recently read an article in the New York Times that covered the casualties in this conflict and the casualties of this terrible crisis that impacted the children the most. This article lists all the children that died during the 11 days of fighting between Israel and Gaza Hamas.  

Two children in Israel were killed and sixty-seven children all under the age of 18 were killed in Gaza. The article quotes the heartbroken parents trying to comfort themselves by saying “It’s God’s will.” What else can these parents say? What justice in the world can there be for all the innocent children who were caught in the crossfire between two countries? One 13- year old boy was out getting ice cream when the air strikes hit. He did not know going out for his favorite dessert would be his last day, his family did not know that they were going to see their son for the last time, and they shouldn’t have, because the truth is the little boy should have come back. These children did not deserve to die. Many of them wanted to grow up to become doctors, engineers, and see the world. Their dreams are the same ones many children around the world grow up dreaming. They deserved the chance to fulfill their dreams, but instead they were caught in the crossfire between two countries. 

The New York Times talks about how the airstrikes were “indiscriminate and disproprotionate.” Frankly as human beings witnessing this devastation all around the world and in Israel and Gaza, we have got to do better. This is not the first time many children were caught in crossfires between two nations. History has shown children and civilians were also killed during the Hiroshima and Nagasaki crisis. In fact, there are drawings of what the children and civilians were doing right before the bombs hit. There is a designated peace park in Japan which displays the scenes of the citizens right before they  were killed such as children in school uniforms stained with blood are shadowed into the ground. There is a reason why everyone studies history in school, why we have clubs such as Model UN and Mock Trial; to learn how to solve and debate diplomatically, peacefully, and to not repeat the mistakes we have done  before us, because when the root causes are examined of all these conflicts, it can usually be solved with peaceful talks and avoid the crisis. Looking back at history and current events has shown that outside powers had decided to give land away, the holy land to tons of people which they had no right to do and therefore many of the problems stem from this decision made by  outside powers and allies; for forcing the creation of Israel. It is essential to recognize that there are deep historical, political, and religious difficulties in this war and it will not be solved overnight but that does not mean everyone doesn't need to pay attention to it. Everyone in the world needs to be paying attention, be aware of the conflicts and no matter what, innocent children who went out to get ice cream or play with their friends should never be caught up in a country level dispute. The New York Times article provides photographs of the 65 children who have died and what they were doing. Here is the link. I hope everyone who reads the article and sees the children can learn and see how we have to do better as human beings because in the end, that is all we are, human beings trying to just fulfill our dreams.

Rithika Nair

UC Riverside '21

Hi, I am a 21 year old college student attending UCR who loves movies, books and adventures! :P
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