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Have you ever flipped through a book, glanced through a magazine, watched a YouTube single, pirated an anime episode, or scrolled through a webtoon, and found yourself lamenting over how single you are? 

I know I haven’t!

What I have done is think and ponder about what kind of dates I’d go on if I wasn’t single. With this in mind, here is a list of some of the stuff I’d do! If you were one of those people who felt single from one of the scenarios above, feel free to take inspiration from this list for your own collection. You could maybe even consider citing me in your own Works Cited list at the bottom.

Cute Aesthetic Picnic Date

I want one of those picnic dates that you see as background photos for those cottagecore posts on Instagram. Some people also make really cute drawings of picnic scenes, picnic foods, and cute people at cute picnic scenes eating cute picnic foods. I’d like to spread a blanket on the grass, on a warm sunny day, with a very minimal amount of children in the vicinity. We’d eat delicious homemade kimbap, and we can fight over who gets to eat more kimbap rolls. We’d have spicy cup noodles, with a thermos of hot water to cook them with, and matching chopsticks to eat them with! The menu could also have assorted onigiri, Pocky or Pepero sticks, juicy tangerines, and cans of Milkis soda and cartons of Korean banana milk. You can never have enough high blood sugar-inducing beverages, so getting large cups of boba for each other would be cool too. As a plus, memorizing each other’s boba orders is another very cute thing to do with each other, which makes your cute picnic date even cuter!

Fluffy Ice Cream Date

Everybody loves a sweet date, and since that last date idea was already sweetening enough, I’d like a date that’ll pump even more calories into your body! A good old fashioned date at an ice cream parlor would be amazing to experience. We could go in on a sweltering day, holding each others’ sweaty hands, and stroll into an air-conditioned shop with bell chimes at the door. We can sit at red cushy stools next to a counter and order for each other. We could either go for our favorites, or try a unique flavor the place is known for. I’d be fine with having individual cones, because this guarantees that I get my own portion of ice cream to have for myself, with my own toppings. It’d be cute to take nibbles and bites and licks of the other person’s ice cream too. Banana splits would be cool too though! I’ve never had one before, but sharing a banana split topped with ice cream scoops, cold whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge sauce, and a couple cherries on top sounds delicious and memorable. We could feed spoonfuls of bites to each other, and that’d be extremely fluffy. 

Intriguing Bookstore Date

I LOVE bookstores and libraries. Spending an afternoon or morning with someone who is (hopefully) one of my favorite people at one of my favorite places would sound like a great way to bond and make memories. We could start off by going through the kid’s section (because this is objectively the funnest part of the bookstore). Usually, the kid’s sections have fluffy little reading nook areas, so we can hoard a bunch of books from other sections in the bookstore, and then lounge around in the nook and read away to each other. We could also walk around and explore the other sections, like the cookbook area, and the manga section. Bookstores also usually have a cafe. Once we buy a book or two, or three, we could grab a table, load up on desserts and hot chocolate, and read over our purchases.

The list isn’t super long, but it’s a list in progress! It’s a dynamic work-in-progress, and something that I’m going to revise and look over in the future. The next time you start feeling despondent over your single status because of the fictional couple on your screen, try making a list! It could be a nice coping mechanism.

Audrey Kim

UC Riverside '24

Audrey is a Computer Engineering major who wants to improve her writing skills. She hopes that readers will be informed, amused, or both, by her content!
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