The Crime Thriller Everyone Must Watch

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.”- Ferris Buller

    This quote is a lesson all of us should carry in our heart and mind because what it means to say is to observe your surroundings and pay attention to what is happening around you in life. You never know the knowledge and information you might gain from being alert and observing your surroundings. This might sound weird but I think some of the most successful criminals or crimes that take place, especially those in crime thriller books and movies, the individuals are very aware of their surroundings and gather information by simply observing those around them and what is happening. 

man holding remote, sitting on couch with woman, popcorn Photo by JEShoots from Pexels Last week I saw two South Indian movies, more specifically Malayalam movies, called Drishyam 1 and Drishyam 2. Drishyam is a malayalam word that means scene or visual. This two part crime thriller will have you on the edge of your seats. *Spoiler Alerts* Drishyam 1 is about a family of four with a mom, dad, and two daughters aged 17 and 12. They are a simple and happy family who live in a suburban town in Kerala. The older daughter goes on an overnight field trip with her class to another city, and over there she meets a guy named Varun who keeps taking pictures and videos of girls without their permission. He is the son of a powerful businessman and police inspector. She makes a brief acquaintance with him. One day, Varun comes to the older daughter and blackmails her with a video he took of her while she was in the shower. He tells her to meet him at midnight and threatens her not to tell her parents otherwise, he will upload that video on to the internet. Later that night when he goes to her house to meet her, he finds the daughter and her mom there and they beg him to delete that video and not ruin the older daughter’s life. The boy (being the vile character)asks the mom to have sexual relations with him in order for him to not delete the video and when he forecefully approaches the mom, the older daughter hits the boy over the head which kills him. The mom and daughter freak out and when they tell the dad later, the dad takes on the burden of hiding all evidence that his daughter killed the boy. 

The rest of the story and the sequel is all about how the father protects his small family against the law and police and everything he does to prevent his family from going to jail. This movie will have you guessing all the moves, and make you critically think about what is going to happen next. The scriptwriter and director, Jeethu Jospeh, wrote a well written script with no plot holes and covers all the rules for writing a good story. Do not be deterred because this movie is in a different language, that's what subtitles are there for. I guarantee you this is worth your time.