Crafty Valentine Gift on a Budget

Have no idea what gift you should get for your special Valentine? Do you not have much money either? That’s fine, it’s not about how much the gift cost but about the thought that was put into it. I didn’t have much money to spend for a gift this year, so I went to Michael’s Craft store because I thought what better gift than to make a small scrapbook of me and my boyfriend. But once I got into the store, I came across another craft project that was sitting on a shelf. So I stole the idea (Hee Hee).

Here’s my take on it:

I kept it very simple since I’m giving it to my boyfriend and I wanted it to remain more on the masculine side. 

Materials Needed:

·        Paint

·        Heart frame at Michael’s for a dollar!

·        One or more cute stamps

·       A photo of you and your beau; I chose one that was my boyfriend’s favorite of us

·       Glue stick

·       Scissors

·       Colored paper for a background:

I used an old Valentine paper bag that my sister gave me randomly as the background.

·        Some patience and time, it only takes a few hours

What to do:

1.      Paint the frame pink or red for your girlfriend and Brown, black, or gray for your boyfriend. Let it dry for about two hours or until it's completely dry, you can study or read in the meantime.

2.      Keep the back heart insert as a stencil to put over your printed photo to cut say a 4x6 photo so it fits the frame.

3.      Glue the background paper on the heart insert, and then trim the area you stenciled the heart over.

4.      Then add paint to any stamp you prefer and stamp it anywhere you feel looks best. I put mine on the corner, you can add another stamp or any other embellishments you think would make a nice addition. I’d avoid this if it’s for your boyfriend. For guys keep it simple and masculine enough so that their guy friends who will see it in his room won’t gag and make fun of him.

5.      Then let the leg for the stand of the frame dry.

6.      Final step: Put the photo heart inside the frame, insert the back stand, and you’re done!