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Ah, Coachella. The most anticipated music festival of the year just happened the last two weekends. It’s the festival where all the celebrities come to hang out and everyone forgets about reality for a while. Here are some trends that I kept seeing around the festival!

1.       Flower Crowns

The infamous flower crowns. I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with them. Yeah, they’re cute and they add some flare to your outfit without any effort…but EVERYONE WAS WEARING THEM!

Here we have actress Sarah Hyland (left) sporting a red flower crown, dressing up her casual outfit of a tank + denim shorts. Kylie Jenner keeps it edgy with  a black flower crown to match her all black outfit.


2.       Fringe + Crochet

If there’s anything I’m guilty for…it’s following this trend. With temperatures hitting 100 degrees and over, it’s hard not to walk showing a bit of skin! Keep it cool and stay in style by wearing crochet crop tops, fringe tops, or a top that combines both!

Sorry for the abrupt selfie parade, but I’m just trying to make a point here—crochet tops were literally everywhere last weekend!

3.       Patterns on patterns!

From floral to tribal patterned, everyone was wearing their loudest and most colorful shorts, skirts, and tops.

Here’s Katy Perry showing off some of her finest spring floral prints, matched with her green dip-dye hair!


4.       Braids

It’s an easy way to keep your hair from flying around in Indio sandstorms (which, by the way, were pretty bad last weekend) and it gives you that free-spirited boho look.

Here are braided beauties, singer Rita Ora (left) and model Jourdan Dunn (right).


5.        Hats Galore

Hats served two purposes at Coachella: it kept your face from getting sunburnt, and it made you look sophisticated…even though we all knew you were sweating your butt off!

Here is the lovely singer, Jhené Aiko, wearing a large flappy hat and staying cool in the Coachella heat.


6.       Cute Sunglasses

Pretty self-explanatory. I saw tons of heart shaped sunnies last weekend, along with cat-eye, circle, and aviator sunglasses!


7.       Bindi Beauties

Bindis are supposed to be cultural and respected…but I did see a lot of people wearing bindis last weekend. What do you guys think of this trend?

Here are Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner wearing intricate bindi jewels.


As for Coachella itself, it was amazing. It’s definitely something that I would recommend everyone to go to at least once. I am currently suffering from post-Coachella depression. ‘Til next year!

But first…here are some pictures of the festival that I managed to take before my phone died!

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