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The Carrie Diaries And The Iconic Fashion Inspo I Love

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

It’s been five years since The Carrie Diaries aired on television, having ended after two short seasons. The show is a prequel to the beloved series, Sex in the City, following Carrie Bradshaw and her dive into the fashion world as a teenager. The show was astounding, filled with 80’s fashion, fun, drama, comedy and everything you love in a good teenage series. Not to mention, it’s about teenage Bradshaw navigating through high school in New York. So as you can imagine, I was definitely heartbroken with the news of its cancellation. Years later though, I’m still a huge fan of the show, and hold a special place in my heart for it. And to this day, nothing beats the iconic wardrobes our favorite fashionistas showcased. They were serving serious 1984 looks, and killed it every single time. 

I’m sure we can all agree that Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion queen, giving us major inspiration through her time in Sex in the City. But little Bradshaw, even before she was officially in the fashion world, proved to be just as big of an icon. Teenage Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries is still one of my biggest inspo’s with her fun 80’s fashion, full of bright colors and patterns. She never shied away from expressing herself in her outfits. And she looked damn good in all of them, too.

(Photo by The Carrie Diaries on IMBD)

I also want to quickly note that Carrie wasn’t the only one sporting major looks. The entire cast was covered in 80’s fashion funk. The 1980’s were a time for fun, loud statements of color, and no fear of mix-matching patterns. It was all vibrant, and colorful, even when it did seem a little subtle. All of the characters on the show perfectly fit into the time period they were in, and gave us a few pointers on how to liven up our outfits. 


Here are a few of my favorite looks throughout the series. Only two seasons long, but The Carrie Diaries sure did give us years of inspiration to hold on to. 

(Photo from PopSugar)

1. The iconic first day of work outfit. The purse, the blouse, her hair. She looks amazing!

(Photo from PopSugar)

2. Carrie channels her inner material girl. The bold accessories work so well here.

(Photo from PopSugar)

3. The tights, the bold dress, the over the top head piece! This just screams Carrie Bradshaw.

(Photo from PopSugar)

4. The dynamic duo looks pretty in pink…and patterns! I love the matching color scheme here, and mix of different patterns.

(Photo from PopSugar)

5. Carrie Bradshaw sure knows how to pull off a pop of color… or two!

(Photo from PopSugar)

6. Carrie in green is definitely a favorite of mine. And she looks so cute in this puffy, beautiful black dress with colorful polka dots!

(Photo from Pinterest)

7. Would it truly be a fashion piece on this show if we didn’t include miss Donna? Our 80’s mean girl turned nice knows how to rock bold, vibrant colors. 

(Photo from Pinterest)

8. Everything about this screams 80’s and Carrie Bradshaw to me. The pop of color, the voluminous hair, the chunky necklace, the geometrical patterns. I love it! 


I don’t think enough people give the younger version of Bradshaw enough credit for the fashionista she was. I wish I had a wardrobe just like hers, but for now a girl can dream! 

Emily Villanueva

UC Riverside '20

This year's current Social Media Director and Co-Editor @ Her Campus UCR! UCR Alumna - Creative Writing major with a minor in Theatre, Film and Digital Production. You'll find me in my element when traveling, writing, taking photos, watching 80's films and listening to oldies. I strive to work in the film industry as a screenwriter, or work in the entertainment industry as a whole. I hope my work inspires you, or is helpful!