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Breaking Down What Fashion Week Is

Whenever I heard about fashion week the most I knew was that a big brand like Gucci was going to have a fashion show, whether it was once a year, going on every month, or taking place on the moon was beyond me. Fashion week however is intricate and sophisticated, it’s a living machine that’s constantly adapting and pushing forward to influence what the public sees’s to be fashion and beauty.

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Quick History of Fashion Week

Fashion shows began as a mere business tactic in the early 20th century. Designers would employ women to wear their clothes at salons or race tracks to try to get the press to photograph and write about their designs. It developed from small showrooms in salons to the grandiose Big 4 fashion shows the world looks towards today: New York, London, Milan, And Paris Fashion week.

How it Works

These fashion shows take place in the major style capitals in the world their purpose is to push where fashion is heading in Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer. It pushes the fashion press, retail buyers, and influencers to know what is trending next season. Currently, Fashion Week is taking place for Fall/ Winter in the last cycle of Paris which is set to end Tuesday, March 9th, ending what you may have heard as “fashion month.” 

Who Gets to Present

The most control over fashion week is Fashion Calendar, it makes sure there’s order over who’s presenting where, without them, there would be a lot of overlap in shows and confusion. Designers present in major cities depending on where they originate from, for example, New York Based designer Jason Wu, presented at New York Fashion Week. Priority takes place depending on the history of the brand, their popularity, and money: not every designer can afford to have their shows at fashion week because it takes an excessive amount of money and resources to plan.

How They Work in a Pandemic

Designers have had to figure out how to adapt and show the world their designs remotely. Many shows started off as live streams but have now been pushed to theatrical short videos lasting around six to ten minutes. Most recently Moschino had what some are calling the most innovative and interesting runway shows yet, using familiar faces and whimsical images to push their designs. 

Overall Fashion week is a great experience to partake in and look at; it’s been especially interesting now with designers pushing themselves creatively to deliver amazing shows. 

Jay Telles

UC Riverside '22

Fourth-year English major with a love for social justice, fashion, and woman empowerment.
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