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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

Blazers often get referred to as office wear, but nowadays, it plays a vital role as a fashion piece. Ultimately, it is the cherry on to top to zest-ify any type of outfit. It has the power to make almost any outfit work and look put together, but at the same time it can either make or break an outfit.

There are so many types of blazers, from the wild ones with animal prints to the genuine traditional black ones. Just like how different they look on the outfit, each type of blazer has a distinct effect.

Take for example, the houndstooth blazer on the left above. Blazers give any outfit a more professional put together look. Houndstooth gives a classy sophisticated vibe. With houndstooth however, it isn’t just your normal blazer– it is a transformed combination of both worlds!

Blazers don’t have to be boring and plain, they can be fun and full of all kinds of patterns like the ones shown above.

As shown in the picture above on the left, this blazer makes the outfit because it exemplifies fun. Since the outfit is all patterned already, adding another patterned piece would best bring the outfit onto another level. Because the top is snakeskin and the bottoms have a more Aztec feel, floral would be especially be the perfect random addition. It changes the mood of the outfit from dry and colorless to fierce and tropical. Another example would be the one shown on the top right. If the blazer was to be taken out from the outfit, the entire outfit would not be as great. Their would not be bright hues, and it definitely would be dark and sad. Put this blazer on however, and the outfit would come to life bringing a brighter color and a more elegant feel with it since it features velvet paisley patterns.

Blazers come in all kinds of shapes and form. Some can be boxier than others, longer and shorter in length, or may contain more shoulder pads than others. Finding one that fits your style , needs, and shape however, is a problem that everyone has. Some blazers can make a person come off stern and mean, or sometimes even boring and unenthusiastic. Finding the right one on the other hand can be a true life saver.