The Benefits of Studying Abroad


Millions of the people around the world have a strong sense of wanderlust. If traveling to another country was more affordable, everyone would be able to cross it off of their bucket list. College students, however, are given the unique opportunity to travel for a discounted cost and obtain an education through programs offered by the Universities. Studying abroad allows students to further pursue their academic goals while broadening their life experiences through another culture. Although studying abroad can still be expensive, especially with the rising cost of a college education, there are numerous benefits to consider.


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Learning and Mastering a Different Language

Many programs enroll students in courses that will enrich their knowledge of the culture and history of their selected country. This often includes rudimentary language courses that can count towards the foreign language requirement. While studying abroad, students can practice the language they are studying in real life situations. Students will also be able to gain a broader knowledge of the colloquial language used by the local citizens. With these advantages, students can quickly master a new language while studying abroad.


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Career Benefits/Internships

Making connections and networking around the globe can help increase the chances for someone to obtain a job after graduation. Numerous abroad programs offer optional (sometimes required) internships in certain fields. The most popular types offered in Europe and Asia relate to business or field research for the sciences. Internships are highly competitive, especially in the US. If a student applies for a program that offers an internship, they have a higher chance of being chosen, especially if it is a requirement.


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Gain Knowledge of New Cultures and Perspectives

Traveling to a new country proffers very distinct challenges. The traditions and mannerisms that are prevalent in the United States is far different from others. In many asian cultures it is considered polite to slurp your food which is a signal of enjoyment. Living in a different country for weeks and/or months enables students to immerse themselves in the local cuisine, visit historical monuments, and opens them to vastly new experiences.


In accordance with the application to the program, students can also apply for scholarships and financial aid to help cover costs. Regardless, it is an experience that every student should take advantage of if they are able to. Not only is it educationally beneficial, the memories made will last a lifetime. Visit your school's website to see programs offered through your university and gain more detailed information.


For UC students, visit the UCEAP website to begin your search.