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As spring quarter is approaching the end of its term, and we are getting closer to summer, it often seems as though everyone gets hit with this overwhelming sense of nostalgia and emotions as we are forced to say our goodbyes. Some of us are getting ready to part for our summer adventures and some of us are getting ready to part for good. No matter what it is, we all must take part in the undeniable and universal ritual to seal a goodbye; a HUG. Hugs plain and simple can be one of the most complicated, comforting and vulnerable acts two people can possibly partake in. A hug can express things that words alone just can’t seem to do justice.

I pride myself on my thorough hugs. Therefore, I understand that a good hug must be approached like an outfit. Sometimes it requires changing to fit the appropriateness of the situation. I have made this list because I know there are different types of hugs for different types of situations. Hugs really are a language of their own, and all they really depend on is what you want to say.



Now this hug, I’ve come to learn is for those people you want to acknowledge is a good friend that you trust and feel secure with. As cheesy as it sounds, it really is like a seatbelt. When I go in for these types of hugs, I want the receiver to know and feel that I am genuinely happy to see them and I feel comfortable around them.

The seatbelt is reserved for close friends and can be achieved in 3 steps:

STEP 1:Slide one arm under your friend’s armpit and the other arm over their shoulder

STEP 2:Once your arms replicate a seatbelt, lock your hands together

STEP 3:NOW SQUEEZE…the family love will be felt



Now this hug is for those that always wanted to say something to that certain someone, but never had the courage to do so. Well here is your chance to create a moment, without any words at all. The bulldozer hug I noticed for me personally tends to be the most intimate form of a hug. 

This hug is reserved for that special someone and can be achieved in 3 steps:

STEP 1:Take both arms like a bulldozer, and slide them through the other person’s arms.

STEP 2:Replicate the action of a bulldozer and scoop up your arms, hooking their back.

STEP 3:Once they are hooked, pull in and squeeze.



This hug is a playful, yet flirty hug. It can either be for a friend, or for a crush. However, in order for it not to be awkward, a pretty good relationship between the two people must be established. This hug is when you wrap your arms around their waist, just like if you were cuddling a teddy bear.

All it takes are 2 simple steps:

STEP 1:Wrap both arms around the waist or around the arms and hold.

STEP 2: Place face on chest or cheek as innocently as you would affectionately embrace a stuffed animal. This type of hug will guarantee a warm, fuzzy feeling.



This widely known form of hug has been used by all of us at some point. This type of hug screams “friendzoned”. Honestly depending on how this hug is carried out, it can be really awkward if not pulled off correctly. Because the hug is approached from the side, either you can come together like two puzzle pieces, or you can be awkwardly linking shoulders while facing the same direction as if posing for a family photo.

To achieve the most natural and comfortable side hug simply follow these 3 steps:

STEP 1:When going in for the side hug, slide one arm across their back and hook in your hand at their waist or over their shoulder.

STEP 2:Lean your head into their shoulder so that it won’t be as stiff.

STEP 3:Don’t leave the other arm awkwardly there at your side. Make the hug more comfortable by bringing in the further arm to either lightly rest on their torso or to pat their other arm.



There is nothing like a good chokehold to say, “I’m going to miss the crap out of you”. This is a very aggressive hug, which will most certainly be memorable.

It can be achieved in 2 simple steps:

STEP 1:Without holding back, fling your arms around your friend’s neck and over their shoulders.

STEP 2:Link your hands together and squeeze away.


Now I know that some people flat out hate hugs or just intimacy in general; but give a good solid hug and slowly but surely that jaded feeling that often comes with spring quarter will melt away, leaving only remnants of warmth and happiness.


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