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Armando Orbegoso


Birthday: October 2, 1987
Hometown: Palm Springs, CA
Relationship status:  Single
Favorite film: The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Schindler’s List among others.
Favorite TV Show:  “How I met Your Mother”
Favorite Book: 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez  

Fun Facts

Her Campus: What year are you now at UCR and what is your major?
Armando: 5th year at UCR and a Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Nanotechnology, Advance Materials, and Devices and VLSI Design and Systems (VLSI)    
Her Campus: What’sthe best part of being a highlander (UCR mascot), and the worst?
Armando: The ethnical diversity among all the students on campus makes it different from most UCs. I would say that the campus could use a boost in spirit and school pride.
Her Campus: When you have a conversation with someone, what do you hope they walk away thinking of you?
Armando: He is quite a smart/extrovert/honest/good-looking guy.
Her Campus: Aboutyourself, what would you say is your best quality and what about it makes it special?
Armando: My best quality would be perseverance, because it has helped me reach the goals I’ve completed so far.

Getting to Know Armando

Her Campus: Who would you say is your style icon and why?
Armando: I don’t think I have one.

Her Campus: What about your love for all things John Lennon?
Armando: (Laughs) I like his philosophy on life more than his sense of style.
Her Campus: When it comes to style, what advice would you give guys on campus?
Armando: Wear whatever makes you comfortable.
Her Campus: If you could splurge on anything you wanted, what would it be? And why?
Armando: World peace…NOT! I would probably splurge on buying boats, planes, and luxurious cars and travel as much as possible.

Her Campus: I didn’t know you could buy world peace?!
Armando: Yeah, I hear it’s on eBay and up for bids!… (Laughs)
Her Campus: What is a perfect day in the life of Armando Orbegoso?
Armando: There is no such a thing as a perfect day, or at least I have not experienced it yet. So I don’t know.
Her Campus: If you had to choose another time period to live in which would you choose and why?
Armando: 70’s! Clubs, dance, clothes, music and of course disco balls.

Getting to Know Armando continued…

Her Campus: What is the first thing you notice about someone you deem as attractive?
Armando: Their gaze.

Her Campus: Do you have to say it in that intense tone?
Armando: Yes (Insert intense gaze here) Laughter
Her Campus: What is the biggest turn-off in a guy/girl?
Armando: Bad hygiene.
Her Campus: What music are you into right now?
Armando: 70’s of course.
Her Campus: Life philosophy?
Armando: “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy”- Steve Jobs

After finishing his undergraduate degree at UC Riverside, Armando continues his education in the Bourns School of Engineering. His ambitious academic endeavors continue to fuel his desire to succeed and he will soon be shipping out to incorporate himself in the workforce as an electrical engineer in Canada. I have had the pleasure of meeting his family personally and they could not be more proud and supportive. May that perseverance carry you to greatness, cheers!

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