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Annoying Things You’ll Find on Facebook

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

As a person who is quite annoying on Facebook, with my weird pictures, lame hacks, and constant re-sharing’s of HCUCR posts, (I got banned from the Official UCR Class of 2017!! I’ll find the culprit!!) I’d like to think that I’m an eligible candidate to point out some annoying things you might find on Facebook.

*These are based solely on my opinions alone, so if you’re an offender of one of the following, this is awkward…

1. Indirect FB status updates

No. We’re not in high school, please stop!

2. People who need to get a blog

Facebook should really have a character limit. No FB post should be longer than five sentences. In fact, when you post a status that has the option to “read more” then that should be a big red flag. Not only do I not want to read about your rant/day/emotions, I very much dislike the fact that I have to scroll a bit longer to get to the rest of my newsfeed.  

Things like Tumblr, online diaries, WordPress and a good old pen and paper are things that exist in the 21st century!

3. The Selfie Lover


4. “That Couple”

You know who I’m talking about. “That Couple” who on their respective pages, their cover photo is of them doing something cliché, like taking pictures kissing in front of the Urban Lights at LACMA, holding hands in the strawberry fields, you get the picture. And then their profile pictures are of them together so now it’s harder to tell whose page is whose. “That Couple” are constantly posting on each other’s walls with kissy faces, and lovey dovey comments. Sometimes “That Couple” posts cute pictures, but most times I find their online love to be so overbearing that it’s annoying. I can’t be the only one who deep down sort of can’t wait for them to break up. (No, I’m not a smug single lady, I have a boyfriend…sheesh!) I just want to see what happens to their social media presence once they’ve split. Will they keep their albums or completely erase everything?!? 

5. Linking Instagram to FB

Why are you doing this? I’m already following you on Instagram. Do you want me to have your lunch and it’s hashtags engrained in my mind? It also creates the following dilemma below. I just can’t…

6. The Fitness Lover

Kudos to you for working out, I mean I haven’t stepped foot in the SRC for years! I wish I had the drive to get off my lazy bum and get fit, but there’s a fine line between being healthy and annoying. No one cares that you went to the gym at 6am to do bench presses and (insert other gym activity here). You know those people who love to post about working out so much that it’s scary and slightly annoying, but more scary than anything. Why is it scary you may ask? Because this person is getting so buff it’s a bit horrifying. They constantly post pictures of GNC protein shakes and all other sorts of stuff, it makes you start to wonder if this person is on steroids or if they just like rubbing in their awesome bods to the world. 

It’s great to do exercise, but this sort applies to #3 get a blog

What are your Facebook pet peeves? Comment below! 

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Nicole Martinez

UC Riverside

Nicole is a senior at UC Riverside where she is majoring in Media and Culture studies. She co-founded the Her Campus UC Riverside chapter her sophomore year in college. She loves to spend her free time watching The Mindy Project, Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and other shows with leading ladies. She also dabbles on tumblr, instagram (obviwearetheladies), and twitter. Mindy Kailing and Shoshanna are her spirit animals and in the near future she hopes to achieve elite status on Yelp, pursue a career in Public Relations and ultimately conquer the world.