9 Things to Start Doing in 2019


Every day is a new opportunity to adopt new habits, but the new year is the most popular time to do so. If you ask around for people’s new year’s resolutions, most will say abstract ideas like “work out more” or “be a better person,” just because they feel pressured to make a huge change in their life within a day. Yet, the problem is these resolutions have no backbone to them and no passion either. So, if you’re looking to make 2019 even better than the last year was, here are some small changes you can actually plan to make that will definitely have an effect in the long run.


1. Record 1 Second Every Day

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Apps like “1 Second Everyday” make this seemingly tedious activity extremely easy. It will organize, edit, and combine the videos for you. Since they only take one second, this activity won’t take away from the moment. Instead, it will add to a whole year’s worth of small ones. This is especially great to look back on at the end of the year if you want to appreciate more of the little things.


2. Make a Vision Board

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Going along with the fact that most people’s goals don’t have a direct line of action, vision boards are a way to solve this problem. And, they’re simply aesthetically pleasing. Whether you print out photos to make a collage or write out a mind map in your journal, formulating any sort of specific vision will help you stay more focused throughout the year.


3.Take a selfie every day

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If you want to watch yourself grow and improve, this easy task could be the one for you. Taking a selfie every day is such a unique way to keep in touch with yourself. If you want to be more challenged, try doing this with no filters, making the same face, and even in the same place if you can. Then, once you finish you can merge them all into a time lapse video to truly see how you change.


4.Make a memory box

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Memory boxes are not just a thing of the past. If you’re not artistic enough to make scrapbooks, they are a great way to keep track of your favorite moments and favorite people with absolutely no effort. Keeping things like ticket stubs, little notes, or pictures will be fun to look back on when you’re old and gray.


5.Try a new dish once a week

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We’re all guilty of going to a fancy restaurant and ordering the same thing. Every. Single. Time. Yet, food is something to be appreciated and not in a “I only want one dish” sort of way. This is an easy way to explore out of your comfort zone with no harsh risks. You’ll only be introducing yourself to your potentially new favorite food!


6.Wake up before you have to get ready

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This one may be the hardest on this list, but it is also one of the most rewarding. It is natural to want to sleep in to the very last second and press snooze on your alarm, despite knowing you’ll only wake up more tired than before. ” Not only will this help you have more time to get ready, but waking up before you have to get ready gives your brain time to feel better about not being a morning person. Without having to rush all the time, you might find yourself starting to look forward to more mornings.


7.Keep your space tidy

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I know almost everyone hates cleaning, so I’m not going to suggest you should obsessively keep your place spotless However, it is no doubt that people thrive more in a tidy space. If anything, make the most effort to keep your bedroom clean. Reduce any useless clutter and you might notice that your mind will feel a little less cluttered too.

8. 30 day exercise challenges

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This one’s even better with a friend. If you’re like me and loathe having to find time to work out ,what to work out, and how to work out, try a challenge. Most of them are not time consuming, I’m talking about 5-10 minute exercises people! Taking 5 minutes out of your day to do some intentional physical activity will help you stay energized and the commitment to the 30 days will keep you working on your goal consistently rather than whenever you feel like going to the gym.


9. Focus on the positive

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In today’s world, it’s starting to seem “cool” to be negative all the time. There’s already enough negativity spreading around so, this year, do yourself a major favor and schedule a regular attitude check with yourself. Appreciate the things you have and work towards the things you don’t. The more positive you are, the more positivity you can spread to others around you.


Here’s to 2019, a whole new 365 days that are filled with opportunity. This year is yours so no matter what day it is, you can choose to live life to the fullest. Start with one of these ideas and work your way through the whole list. You’ll look back and be grateful you made the small changes. Good luck and happy new year!