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6 DIY Projects to Personalize Your Dorm Room

Summer is winding down and school is just around the corner. It’s either your first year of college or you’re returning to another year; it is always exciting to start a new school year – a fresh and new beginning. College is a place to discover and reinvent yourself so why not decorate your dorm room or apartment/house to reflect your personal style!

Of course living off a college student’s budget, money is sometimes tight, but these simple and inexpensive d.i.y. projects will sure jazz up a room. These projects will be fun to make with some friends and parents, as an end of the summer projects before you head off for the real world of college!

Remember to look around your house to upcycle before you go to the store to purchase the supplies. Such as instead of buying a mason jar just use an old pasta sauce glass jar, just wash it and there you go you are half way in creating a personalize pencil holder!

Here are a few d.i.y. projects you definitely need to check out:

1. Pencil Holder

Tin Can – Pencil Holder

Twine & Lace – Pencil Holder


2. Jewelry Holders

Clothes Hanger = Jewelry Holder

Picture Frame = Jewelry Holder

These jewelry holders are very useful when you have to share a dorm room since they do not take up much space. The jewelry clothes hanger can even fit in your closet.


3. Calendars 

Fabric Dry Erase Calendar

Paint Clip Calendar

These calendars are a great way to save money, since you can reuse it months after months. You could also change up the fabric or paint chips for seasonal purposes or just for a new look to your calendars.


4. Photo Collages

 Corner Heart Photo Collage

This is a cute way to display photos from home of family and friends.

Or you can just display the photos in a uniformed rectangular shape, so you can add new photos of your college adventure as the year goes on.


5. Personalize Monogram Letters

Mint Monogram Letter

Lace Doily Monogram Letter


6. Bulletin Boards

Chervon Fabric Bulletin Board

Cork Inspiration Board

These bulletin boards will come in handy when you need to just pin a few important notes to remind yourself about club meeting or upcoming exams.


D.I.Y. projects are fun and unique because you can always change a few things to match your own personal style. Instead of floral why not animal prints or glitter?! The sky is the limit – use these projects as inspirations and get creative! Good luck with a new school year and let us know which projects you will try out.



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