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5 Ways to Enjoy the Single Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

1. Enjoying all the room in the bed. Also, eat a meatball sub while you’re there. Of course, when you’re in a relationship the warmth of the body beside you is lovely. Yet when single, stretch out, lay in a blanket burrito (you know what I mean), watch 30 Rock to your heart’s content and rejoice in the fact that no one is going to make you scoot over or make you share your meatball sub!

2. Moving/Traveling. You’re young, you’re unattached and you haven’t got a monthly mortgage tying you to your zip code (thanks mom and dad!). You’re at the most independent time in your life and with little responsibilities, go see the world! Take a day trip, jet off to New York for the weekend, study abroad for a semester, or  take on graduate school in another country! See what new possibilities you can find.

3. Date, dance, kiss. Repeat. Get your single ladies and do exactly as Beyoncé tells you!

4. Not having to shave, and other grooming things. Yes, we all enjoy a clean shaved prick-less, going-to-wear-short-shorts day. And yet, especially in the season of midterms and finals, there comes the days of bun-on-top-of-head, sweatpants, and chapstick as the makeup of choice. So enjoy that no one is going to call you out for those natural days! Cause really, ain’t nobody got time for that!

5. Selfishly getting to know yourself and doing only what you love. Take time to get to know yourself and what you like. Spend time with your friends or visiting places you’ve never been. See films, go to a literary event, go raving—so that when you do meet someone, you can share every piece of you as you learn about every piece of him or her.