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5 Stress Relieving Activities in Riverside

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling like the imminent stress from finals is closing in on me. While binge-watching Netflix, drinking homemade margaritas, and eating a dozen cookies is a sure fire way to unwind, there are other ways to decompress and let loose!

1. Ice cream

Lately, I’ve been loving going out to get some ice cream. Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour is probably my favorite place to go for ice cream. The prices at Farrell’s is extremely reasonable and they give you a lot of ice cream.  The best part? They also sell food and all the candy you could ever want at their establishment. There are also places like Frostbites that are available to those who want a wider range of flavors.

2. Go-karting

So this option may not be in Riverside but it’s pretty close. There’s a great go karting place in San Bernardino called SB Raceway. Their prices are cheap and they have this thing on Friday called ‘cosmic karting’ where they turn all the lights down except for their colored Christmas lights and rope lights. It’s a little like Mario Kart’s rainbow level but not quite as psychedelic (but it’s still cool, I swear).

3. Going shooting

There’s nothing more cathartic than shooting paper targets from at least 20 feet away. There are several indoor shooting ranges in Riverside.  Riverside Magnum Shooting Range is a great place to go shooting even if you’re a beginner. They have a wide range of guns and on Thursday nights ladies get to shoot for free! Don’t forget to bring someone with you who has experience shooting guns.

4. Happy Hour

This is for everyone who’s in the 21 and over club; happy hour is the best hour(s) ever.  Yardhouse is probably my favorite place to go for happy hour. Not only are their mojitos delicious but their food is pretty good too. Don’t forget to be a responsible adult and have someone be your designated driver.

5. HikingThere are a lot of great places to hike in Riverside such as the “C” and Mt. Rubidoux.  This is probably one of my favorite activities especially if I get up early enough to catch the sunrise.  Hiking is a great way to clear your mind and get your cardio in for the day at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Now get out there and de-stress yourself. I’m pretty sure getting sick because of stress is a real thing that happens to millions of college students across the country. So take the time to unwind.

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