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5 Rules to Dating Someone New

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

Getting back into relationships can be scary, especially if you are someone who is getting out of a long term one. You may feel like you have no idea how to be with anyone else so part of you screams “What is the use of getting back into another one?!”. But honestly getting back into relationships can be fun if you think positively.

1.     Never bring up your ex

This one is kind of common sense especially if you are going out with someone new for the first time. I mean, I may say its common sense but then sometimes even I almost bring up the past loves of my life. Sure its ok to talk about relationships in broad terms. Its also ok if you are asked about your history but don’t volunteer the information. Trust me, if they want to hear about them they will ask you. Because whether we like it or not the question of an ex will come up. And as much as we hate to admit it they did shape our history and personality in some way shape or form. 2.     Never compare the new person to your ex

In the beginning, this can be hard because you have gotten so used to the habits of your ex that his habits become your expectation. You have to slowly learn to not compare your ex with the new person in your life because by doing this you can learn who he/she really is.  And in doing that you will allow yourself to let go. 

3.     It’s ok to date multiple people

I think it’s a good thing for people to go through that time of their lives when all you do is date. Its perfectly normal for the twenty something year old to figure out what they want, because I mean Taylor Swift seems to be having a good time right? And in the search you are also able to figure out your own self. Despite popular belief, your prince charming is not going to ride in and take you away on a horse drawn carriage. He’s most likely going to be coming in on a 2002 Honda Civic or something of that nature. 4.     Make the first move

These days we live in a world where women can take charge. So instead of waiting for him to take it the next level, Go for it! If you’re both feeling a liking for one another, What can you lose?5.     Be Yourself

This is crucial because we sometimes forget to be ourselves when being with someone new. Nerves can sometimes become an issue. But don’t fret and just remember the other person you are out with is feeling the same way too!

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