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As we all know, hot girls love HGTV, and thankfully, I am no exception. In the past few months, I have become increasingly interested in the Home Garden TV network, specifically their show “Tiny House Hunters.” I have spent days bingeing this show, and as a result, I feel I am quite the Tiny House expert. With that being said, I have compiled a short list as to why these mini homes on wheels are so darn cute!

They are tiny!

I know this may seem obvious, but tiny houses are of course small! They can range from 60ft – 400 square feet and are often small enough to fit on wheels or a trailer. Small homes mean less clutter and waste. When people move from a single family home (that averages to about 2,500 square feet) to a tiny home, this can be extremely difficult. In the end though, they create a minimal living space, one that takes less time to clean and more time to enjoy.

Get more bang for your buck

Being that these homes are small, that doesn’t mean your pockets have to be big. Tiny homes are becoming more popular because of how affordable they are; to rent, to own, and to build. The average cost of building a tiny home from wood to rug is $25,000, while the average cost of a single-family home in the US can range from $117,000 in West Virginia to $684,000 in California. 

countryside living

What is one thing almost everyone in the world wants? To travel! Living in a mobile mini home makes traveling across the country easy. Especially with remote jobs on the rise, location is becoming more and more flexible for work. Tiny homes can easily be hooked on the back of a truck or van and become a home on wheels! You’ll never have to pack a suitcase or say goodbye to your dog again

environmentally friendly

One of my favorite plus sides to tiny homes is how much they can help the Earth. Most tiny houses run on solar power instead of electricity. Electricity already makes up for 25% of the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions and any small effort helps more than you think. Also, since tiny houses promote a more nomadic lifestyle, that means more free land for agriculture, farming, and plain ol’ nature! In simple terms, less house, less energy.

Design it your way

Personally, I have always dreamt of designing my own home and with a tiny house that is easier than ever! You can choose everything from the layout of your loft bed to your barn entry doors to your innovative sofa turned guest bed. The possibilities are beyond endless, and like almost everything else: you can reach the stars with the right Pinterest board on your side!

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