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5 Reasons Why Easter Was Cooler As A Kid

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

Easter has always been a more under rated holiday. However, some of my personal best childhood memories took place during Easter. Easter was a time of pure joy as a child, and it seems to have lost that impact for me growing up. Wondering why that was, I devised a list of 5 reasons why I think Easter was better as a kid.

1. Easter egg hunts

At some point, a horrible unspoken rule was established where people over the age of 10 apparently don’t need or want rainbow plastic eggs full of candy. I don’t know how this conclusion came about, but on behalf of the bitter teenagers of America, we still like candy.

2. The Easter Bunny wasn’t creepy

When you are young and innocent, the idea of a giant pink bunny handing candy to little kids is perfectly acceptable.


3. Letting our moms dress us was “cool”

We actually looked forward to showing off that new fluffy dress with the frilly socks and matching dress shoes that our moms picked out for us.


4. We actually knew the date of Easter

Thanks to elementary school decorations and activities, we were prepared for Easter instead of now where we are awkwardly finding out its Easter—on Easter.



I miss the days when we thought PEEPS were magical sugar crack, instead of diabetes in a box.

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