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5 Reasons to Love Being Single

While having a boyfriend can be pretty sweet for all of the conveniences that come with them (like cuddles, kisses, and rides to the airport), it’s pretty sweet being a single lady in the 21st century. Whether you’re newly single or in a dry spell, being a single lady is so much more than getting white girl wasted with your other single lady friends (which is still awesome, by the way). Here are my top five reasons to appreciate all of the extra “me” time.

1. Change “Date Night” to “Girl’s Night”Date night is cool because you get to spend it holding hands and making googly eyes with your significant other. But girl’s night is even better because you can spend it making sarcastic jokes and laughing with your closest girls. Plus, girl’s night can be anything you want it to be! It can be spent watching Netflix with a pint of ice cream or dancing the night away in the city. 


2.  FreedomFreedom is pretty important to a lady in her 20’s. Freedom is everything.  Freedom means being able to decide what to do every night of the week whether that means studying or going out for happy hour.  Freedom also means not having to be in a monogamous and committed relationship, which may not be appealing to everyone. But it’s definitely something that is on the table for those who choose it.


3.  DatingHave you ever heard anyone say, “try it before you buy it?” Because that’s exactly what dating is. Being a single lady means that you can go on as many dates with different guys (or gals) as you want without any of the commitment.  Don’t feel like you need to commit to someone just because they paid for your food!


4.  Extra timeThis is probably my favorite thing about being single. I tend to be a very busy person and my own friends have a hard time getting a hold of me. Being single means I have time for school, work, friends, and myself.


5. Binge-Watching Whatever You WantThis is THE best. A lot of the times whenever I wanted to watch something, I would have to ask my boyfriend if he wanted to watch it to. Being a single lady means that you can binge-watch the entire Girls series if you want and no one will judge you for it. And then after, catch up on all of the Pretty Little Liars episodes you’ve missed. It’ll be awesome.


 Other perks include not having to shave, staying in your pajamas all day, no annoyances, no one nagging you to do anything, no Valentine’s Day or birthday obligations, no extra Christmas gifts needed, no need to hide tampons… I think you get the gist.

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