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5 Lies the Collegiate Girl Tells Herself Daily

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

Mamma always said “Honesty is the best policy”. In life it’s important to be as honest as possible because in reality it’s a good trait to have, but honestly even us busy collegiate women tell ourselves little white lies to get us through the day. Although I feel the list should be much longer, below are the ones that I most often hear from other girls and most I even tell myself. But then again a little lie can’t hurt right? I mean there’s even a whole show about it! Ever heard of Pretty Little Liars?

1.     “Just 5 more minutes”.

Ok so you don’t necessarily have to be a girl to tell yourself this one. This lie usually occurs when you are just waking up from a night’s sleep (or lack of) and these 5 minutes that you promise yourself end up being a lot more.

2.     “I have nothing to wear”.

Ummm yes you do. You are staring at a closet full of clothes.

3.     “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”.

Yeah you probably aren’t going to the gym the following day, but if you tell yourself this enough times, you might just end up feeling guilty and end up going to the gym. It’s all part of the psychological game you play with yourself.

4.     “I need a new (insert clothing item here)”.

This one is similar to number 2 except now you are able to pin point what you really don’t need, you just want it.

5.     “I’m fine”.

This one is mostly said to your significant other when you are indeed “not fine”. Note: If this is ever said to you, we as women are not fine, we are just waiting for you to figure out what’s wrong so you can fix it. You’re welcome ladies and gents. I just solved 90% of your problems. You can thank me later.

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